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Craving Katsu-Ya in Studio City

18 Feb



What’s the best Japanese restaurant in the Los Angeles Area? I’d have to say Katsu-ya, the “original,” in Studio City. The best time to go to this restaurant is right when it opens, otherwise, be ready for a long wait. Known for their specialty rolls and chalkboard specials, the food served at Katsu-Ya is always consistently fresh and satisfying. In addition to the Shishito Peppers, House Salad, and Agedashi Tofu starters, we tried one of the chalkboards specials: The Garlic Albacore with Crispy Spinach and Onions, which was so good we ordered another special, but made with Blue Fin Tuna instead of albacore. We also had some of the must-haves: Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna, Yellowtail Sashimi with Japaleno, Creamy Popcorn Shrimp Tempura, and Baked Crab Roll on Soy Paper. Although the other SBE Katsuya restaurants have trendier atmospheres and offer an array of specialty cocktails, patron would have to agree that nothings beats chef Katsuya’s original sushi creations.

Craving Sushi Roku

5 Feb

Sushi Roku

sushi roku 2

Can you ever get tired of Japanese Food? In my case, not really. I feel like there is such a diversity in types of Japanese food, and a variety of restaurants that serve it, so I will almost never turn in down. Over the weekend, I went to Sushi Roku in Old Town Pasadena with by bf, his mom, his sister, his niece and nephew (twins and they are the cutest and most loveable children I know). It’s easy to get in a routine of ordering the same types of dishes I normally get all the time, so always nice to go to dinner with others who will order things you’ve never tried before or know of dishes off the menu that can be prepared if you just ask. I normally start off with edamame, but in addition to this appetizer, I tried the shishito Japanese peppers, which I will definitely order again. I ordered my usual garden salad and miso soup along and we all shared the Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll, Popcorn Shrimp Tempura, Steamed Shrimp Dim Sum, Yellow Tail Sashimi, Halibut with apricot sauce (off menu, yum!) and Lobster Tempura (not pictured, off menu). I also tried the baked crab handroll and California handroll, and although I ordered the CA handroll with soy paper, the server made up for it by giving us some vegetable tempura on the house. Is it just me or does Japanese food leave you still wanting more after your done eating? Maybe that’s why I crave it so often…

Craving a Mai Tai, Pokē, and Hakone Buffet

26 Jan



What’s the first thing I crave when getting to Hawaii? A Mai Tai, which I ordered virgin, and Pokē, which I ordered with a Chinese vegetable spring rolls appetizer with sweet chili sauce from the Mai Tai Bar at our hotel (Royal Hawaiian). Pokē is a raw salad and is also a Hawaiian verb for “section” or “to slice or cut;” the island pokē trio we ordered came with three variations: octopus, shrimp, and ahi. Not long after; however, we were ready for dinner and headed to Hakone Restaurant at the Prince Resorts Hawaii for authentic Japanese food. Hakone offers a wide variety of Japanese cuisine, including assorted sashimi, salad, appetizer and entree buffet, sushi bar with a chef preparing handrolls and sushi a la carte, and a dessert station. My cravings were definitely satisfied.