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Favoring the Style of Alexa Chung

27 Jun



Whose style is more original than Alexa Chung’s? In magazines we all see the “Who wore it better?” section of stars wearing the same things and we often see pieces that it seems like every celebrity and style icon owns. With so many stars with the same stylists and the popular labels that create trends for the masses, it’s easy to fall into on of two things: the carbon copy stylish “it girl” (styled in the hottest new shoes, designer everything, lust worthy bag with a two year wait list that for some reason every famous person seems to have) or the the girl who tries so hard to be different that she ends up in the “Fashion fails” section of the magazine. Very rarely, if ever, have I seen AC in an outfit that lands her in either section. She appears to me to have the perfect blend of being relevant, yet original. She always mixes designer fashion with vintage finds, resulting in a look that never fails. Although, like every one, AC finds inspiration in fashion (figures, shows, etc.), she finds a way to make her look her own and constantly evolves and updates her style. She does this by finding fresh takes on things she owns and by including a blend of both high and low designers. Every one can appreciate the style AC from the industry insiders sitting next to her front row at fashion shows or fans that follow her via social media. It’s no wonder that her quirky style has made her a fashion phenomenon and possibly the ultimate British style icon.

(All photos taken from Instagram @Chungalexa)

Favoring The Style Of Isabel Marant

5 Jun

Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant2

If you had to chose one brand name to wear every day, what would it be? When that question was posed to me, I chose Isabel Marant. IM is one of my favorite labels, and since so many of the line’s clothes, shoes, and accessories are what some Isabel fans deem works of art (that can be worn), it’s safe to say that the French house of fashion’s owner and designer, Isabel Marant, has got to be one of the most favored and stylish people on the planet. IM’s designs have gained a significant following, bordering cult status, from models and actresses to bloggers and regular non-famous yet fashion-conscious people. IM creates iconic pieces that create such a buzz that those hot items end up sell out like hot potatoes, generating wait lists for things out of stock or remorse for not snapping things up before becoming sold out. Like her line, IM is synonymous with Parisian casual chic. Her collections are always talked about and lusted over, and IM continues to create things that woman want season after season. She’s always seen in her own creations; therefore, always in the coolest things: boho-chic separates with ethnic prints and embellishments, bomber jackets, trousers, over-sized tees, funky skirts, furs, and of course, the hottest shoes and sneakers on the market. IM truly inspires, she’s like the best dressed girl in the class, who doesn’t care if you wear the same things she does. Actually, she encourages it.

Favoring the Style and Smile of Behati Prinsloo

14 May



What makes some one’s style so favorable to others? Whenever I see Behati Prinsloo, I am reminded that great style isn’t always the name brands one wears or the trends one follows. After first seeing BP in the Victoria Secret catalogs, then in magazine spreads, and most recently in a Free People shoot, I began following her on Instagram and became more and more enamored with her. I love that she describes herself as a “t-shirt and jeans kinda girl,” and despite being in an industry where looks can be “everything,” her street style gives off the impression that looks are nothing without that “something.” When it comes to BP, that something is her personality, which shines through in whatever she puts on, whether it’s for work or for leisure. Her style is so relatable, free-spirited, and surprisingly, comfortable. When I mean comfortable, I also mean she looks comfortable in her own skin as well as the clothes she’s in. She’s usually photographed make-up free, having fun, and most importantly smiling! Nothing makes some one more favorable to look at than a genuine smile, which can be the most stylish and important thing some one can put on.

Favoring the Impressive Style of Diane Kruger

25 Apr





Isn’t is almost unbelievable that Diane Kruger styles herself? As as beautiful as she is stylish, DK is always dressed to impress, and we can’t help but be even more impressed by the fact that she does it on her own. With so many celebrities that work with stylists, many who are now celebrities themselves, it’s refreshing to see a star like DK, without a stylist, with great taste in clothing and an amazing individual fashion sense. DK is one of my favorite style icons to watch out for, as her choices for red carpet events are always incredible and unforgettable. Her choices off the red carpet are equally as anticipated, but I can’t help but favor her all dolled up in dresses of different lengths, shapes, textures, and colors. With all eyes and cameras on her, DK has proven that, even when taking red carpet risks, she knows exactly what she’s doing. DK inspires the notion that when we can trust ourselves, embrace our own style, and dress for ourselves, we can wear something with complete confidence, which is what style really comes down to.

Raving about a Helmet

9 Apr


Who said helmets have to be boring? I am raving about my super cute, open face helmet in pink, with white racers stripes down the middle and stars on the sides. I know I’m going to use a lot this spring and summer while riding around town on my scooter. After owning a full-face helmet in silver and half helmet in white, I wanted something in between with a shield for eye protection, and something that still provided protection for street riding, and something more fun or colorful with a vintage look that would go well with my scooter. While on my hunt for this “in between” with all of “and and ands,” I discovered Ebay seller donydonkang (http://myworld.ebay.com/donydonkang?_trksid=p2047675.l2559) and found the ONE. The helmet was $41.25 + $14.43 for shipping. And while shipping took a few weeks, since it was coming from out of the country, it fit like a charm and it was less expensive for some of the vintage helmets I had considered used at thrift stores and other sites. This helmet reminds me of the style of Go Mifune’s helmet from Speed Racer. While I won’t be racing to a finish in this helmet, finally getting it made me feel like I won something. Maybe it’s the feeling of triumph of finding exactly what I was looking for.

Favoring the Funky Style of Gwen Stefani

7 Mar




What do we think of when we hear the name Gwen Stefani. A few things immediately come to mind: rock star, platinum blond hair, signature red lipstick, killer abs, No Doubt, L.A.M.B., Harajuku Lover, and style icon. Not only do I favor Gwen’s music and personality, I truly favor her style. GS always looks amazing and looks exactly the same as she did when the world was introduced to her distinct voice as the lead singer of her band, if not better. No matter where she is or who she is with, she rocks clothes, shoes, and accessories like she rocks the house on stage. Gwen Stefani has a very unique flirty-rocker style that is often imitated, but never duplicated, as she can pull things off that most of us would never even think of putting on. It’s no wonder GS knows so much about fashion as she comes from a long line of seamstresses, so transitioning from music to creating her own label Love.Music.Angel.Baby. was seamless. While we can all go on and on about the lovely Gwen Stefani, all I have to say is her style is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Favoring The Style Of It Girl Cara Delevingne

21 Feb



How does one possess the “It” quality and is there even a definition for this rather ambiguous term? I have been talking almost daily about how beautiful and stylish Cara Delevingne is; therefore, I thought it only appropriate to post about how much I favor this new “It girl.” Although I’m not the biggest fan of the term since it commonly describes so many other young women in fashion or show biz, I can’t think of any one other than Cara who has lately drawn so much attention and popularity among the young and the fashionable. After first noticing CD while shopping on the ASOS website, she soon became a familiar face in campaigns such as Chanel, Burberry, and Zara, on the runway of Victoria Secret’s fashion show, and when gracing the cover of British Vogue, named the Model of the Year. What I love most about CD is while she can be as glam as the rest of and the best of the supermodels, she doesn’t take herself too seriously and is often seen posing for pics, making silly faces or goofing around. Her spunky street style, charming persona, and of course her attractive features all contribute to her “It” factor, drawing all of us in with her magnetic force.

Style Valentine: Kate Bosworth

13 Feb




Kate Bosworth, will you be my Style Valentine? Kate Bosworth is insanely beautiful and has the most amazing style, it’s not hard to fall head over heels for this young celebrity icon. My Bosworth crush began while watching Blue Crush and since then, she has become one of my favorite celebrities to watch and has topped my list of Hollywood trendsetters. I always anticipate what she’ll be seen wearing next and like her beauty, KB’s style is classic. I always get inspired by her fashion choices, and although I don’t think I can ever get tired of seeing Kate Bosworth, I found myself getting a little too inspired and wanting so many of the lust worthy items and shoes she has been seen in. There are so many things that can be said about KB, but more often than not, I am left speechless. so I will let her images speak for themselves.

Favoring The Style Of Carrie Bradshaw

6 Feb


Do you have Sex And The City withdrawals like I do? I’m typically non-committal to television series and there are only a handful of shows that I have actually watched besides the occasional onesie twosies, but I was (ok, I am) addicted to Carrie Bradshaw’s closet like no other. Well, maybe like all of the other people with “Carrie fever,” but I’d still like to think I’m different. I was late to jump on the bandwagon and mainly watched the series on DVD, but after a few hits of some episodes, the episode watching turned into a marathon, then a ritual, then I became a full blown SATC junkie. I couldn’t get my fill of the outfits, the bags, the accessories, the dresses, the coats, the New York street style, and the shoes of Carrie, a character who in addition to her closet, I remain infatuated with. It didn’t matter that Carrie was fictional; to me, her fashion sense was real, and the high that I received after each binge episode was definitely real. Carrie’s outfits (not from the Carrie Diaries, but from the original SATC) will forever remain an inspiration, which is probably a nice term to disguise my obsession. Fine, I’ll admit it, my compulsion. Who am I kidding? My name is Sarah and I’m a Carrieholic.

Favoring the Posh Style of Victoria Bekham

1 Feb


When did Victoria Bekham stop being recognized as Posh Spice and started being recognized as Posh Style Icon? Victoria Bekham, singer-turned-fashion designer has come a long way from the times as a Spice Girl to wife of the gorgeous David Bekham, mother of four adorable children, paparazzi magnet and always relevant figure in fashion. I don’t think I have ever seen VB in sweats or any type of footwear less than 5 inches tall, even when traveling or toting around baby Harper. Victoria is always consistent in her always-put-together look, usually seen with in sky high heels, a figure forming outfit, giant (usually Birkin) bag (but lately a clutch), and sunglasses that scream “I’m a super star.” Not only is she well styled, her hair and make-up is on point, she’s perfectly manicured, and her look is meticulous. She definitely inspires to make an effort at any and on every occasion. VB’s fashion line also reflects her style and vision, that appeals to and is worn by so many other of the stylish celebs I favor.