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17 May


Have we ever seen a pair of shoes that are more fanatical over a basketball team than it’s owner? Well, yes, because we’re looking at them. My Nike Eclipse Trainers are always and will forever be donned in royal blue and golden yellow, the Golden State Warrior’s team colors. They want to represent their die-hard team spirit 24-7. In the playoff game 6 against the Spurs down 3-2, the Warriors needed a win in order to play in game 7, which would in turn give them an opportunity to play in the Western Conference Championship Series. My shoes were rooting the Warriors on, thinking they may be able to make it all the way to the NBA Championship Series, and eventually to victory. The Spurs were leading the majority of the game and the Warriors were only leading briefly in the first quarter; however, as true fans, the trainers never gave up hope. I was screaming and my shoes were kicking and we were all hoping that the “splash brothers,” Curry and Thompson, would turn on their magic and make a spectacular run for it. In the fourth quarter, the Warriors were so close. At one point my shoes were yelling, “Only a three point shot away from the tying the game! Let’s GO Warriors!” Close, but no cigar. The Warriors lost the series and my shoes sulked in the corner and in the shadows. I looked on the bright side, it was an entertaining game and season and I was proud that then Warriors made it as far as they did in the playoffs. “Turn that swoosh right side up, there’s always next season,” I tried to reassure. My trainers tried to be good sports, but they just couldn’t hide their dishoeppointment.

Don’t Leave Me Tongue-Tied

19 Mar


What do we do when we see some one unexpected… but the kind of some one that isn’t necessarily the type that we wanted to see unexpectedly? You know, the some one that we thought we’d actually never see again, ever? Most of the time, I’m so oblivious to the people around me, but it’s just my luck that I end up running into some guy at my gym that I dated ages ago. I am wearing my Nike Free Run 2 iD Running Shoes that I customized in navy blue and hot pink with my nick name “Sarah Face” on the left and right tongues of my iD sneakers. As I am running on the treadmill at the gym, I see a guy walk in that looks like “Andrew,” and guess what, it IS Andrew. What the hell is he doing here? He was interning in San Francisco when I met him, but wasn’t he supposed to be living in some other country, and not working out at MY gym? Crap, what do I do, what do I do? Damn, I have 1/4 of a 4 mile run left… “Be cool, finish the run, slow to a jog, pull your hat down, pretend like you didn’t see him, and then walk inconspicuously to the bathroom,” my sneakers advise. Good plan, but it’s too late, I saw him in my peripheral see me and and as I finish my run and try to walk to the women’s lounge, he walks over in my direction and I can no longer avoid him. This is the one time I regret putting my name on my shoes, and my sneakers immediately respond with “Yeah right, like he’ll be looking at your feet to validate your identity because he will remember you by your name before um, your face?” My shoe are such smart alecks, but they are right. Andrew and I had a great few dates and things were going well until the time I realized I wasn’t ready to be in a serious relationship, but wasn’t really mature enough to give it to him straight. So I did the only thing a really young, really immature, conflict avoider knew how to do at the time and while in his apartment, I went into his phone, changed my contact information, and then got the hell out of there while he was in the bathroom getting ready. “Who the hell does that? Women are evil. That, or you had some really bad shoes advising you back then,” my shoes comment. Geeze, give me break, I immediately regretted it, ok? I made an impulse move at a weird moment and I panicked, I obviously couldn’t go back and explain what I had done when I had already left the building. Honestly, I don’t remember what shoes I was wearing at the time, but yes, I blame it all on them and maybe the cocktail I might have had earlier that night. It was another case of one more person contributing to the bad rap of of people dealing in relationships (or not) in their early twenties. Still, that explanation doesn’t change the circumstances at hand. “Sarah, is that you?” Andrew asks. Ok sneakers, give me something good, hurry… Silence… Perfect, now you guys are tongue-tied.

Sneaker Snicker

20 Dec


Do you ever feel like you just don’t get what’s so funny until way way, way later?
I am wearing my Nike Free Run +3’s, which are fabulous. I love the fun color, light weight, and comfort of the running shoe. Whenever I really like something, I usually find a way to get more of whatever it is. So, yes, I do have another pair in another color, and somehow I justified it in my mind that I NEED them both, although I have a ton of other running shoes in the shoe closet and probably could have done without either. I probably wear these running shoes the most out of the week, but maybe not as often as I’d like these days. I’ve been feeling a little sluggish and overwhelmed lately. I put these shoes on today, and I swear I heard them laughing at me. They were wondering what the hell I was doing for the last couple days without them and had to explain that I was busy. I was hosting a party, attending events, shopping for the holidays, working, and most recently blogging, which entails learning how to use a new camera and being on the computer for hours (well more than the usual hours I spend on the computer for work). I probably took more photos in the last month than I have this year, so alright, I guess I can see how my sneakers found this funny.
I started going out with Running in high school. As much as I think I dislike Running, I feel like he is the most effective cardio work out, so I don’t know if I can live without him. I actually learned this the hard way, so allow me to introduce you to Running, my boyfriend. He’s awesome because with my crazy food cravings and ability to eat more than most people I know, he keeps me healthy and in shape. I actually broke up with Running five or so years ago for a few months during a time of complete insanity, drinking way too much and partying way too hard, amongst a couple of other mistakes I can remember. Turns out that I probably gained 15 pounds during my months without him, and completely lost myself. I didn’t realize until I finally dragged my lazy ass to go the gym and discovered my feet couldn’t fit into my running shoes. I sat in my car and cried; it was devastating. There was no way I could cope with replacing all of my shoes. So, I happily got back with Running and here we are today.
So today while I was running, I heard the sneakers snickering… It took me back to some bad memories. After 3 miles, I looked at my sweaty reflection in the mirror and said to myself “you know what? This is life, sometimes, you have to learn to laugh with them, even if it’s at yourself.”