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17 May


Have we ever seen a pair of shoes that are more fanatical over a basketball team than it’s owner? Well, yes, because we’re looking at them. My Nike Eclipse Trainers are always and will forever be donned in royal blue and golden yellow, the Golden State Warrior’s team colors. They want to represent their die-hard team spirit 24-7. In the playoff game 6 against the Spurs down 3-2, the Warriors needed a win in order to play in game 7, which would in turn give them an opportunity to play in the Western Conference Championship Series. My shoes were rooting the Warriors on, thinking they may be able to make it all the way to the NBA Championship Series, and eventually to victory. The Spurs were leading the majority of the game and the Warriors were only leading briefly in the first quarter; however, as true fans, the trainers never gave up hope. I was screaming and my shoes were kicking and we were all hoping that the “splash brothers,” Curry and Thompson, would turn on their magic and make a spectacular run for it. In the fourth quarter, the Warriors were so close. At one point my shoes were yelling, “Only a three point shot away from the tying the game! Let’s GO Warriors!” Close, but no cigar. The Warriors lost the series and my shoes sulked in the corner and in the shadows. I looked on the bright side, it was an entertaining game and season and I was proud that then Warriors made it as far as they did in the playoffs. “Turn that swoosh right side up, there’s always next season,” I tried to reassure. My trainers tried to be good sports, but they just couldn’t hide their dishoeppointment.

Motivashoenal Speaker

26 Apr


What is it that allows us to dig deep and what pushes us accomplish goals that we set in our hearts and minds? Excuses like to make their way into pockets of our subconscious since this layer isn’t always in current focus or awareness, because why would we so desperately make an effort to say “I can’t?” That little critical voice that likes to take jabs, especially in our weakest states, constantly tries to convince us that we’re not good enough, or smart enough, or attractive enough, or that we’re not worthy of being happy, of feeling proud, or of receiving admiration.
Just as I was being sucked into a vacuum of negative sentiments, which started to lead to feelings of being overwhelmed, undeserving, and insecure, I put on my Liquid Lime Nike Free Run 3 sneakers and the direction of my thoughts made a complete 180. Right when I was lacing them up, I hear, “Where the hell have you been for the last three days? We gotta a lot of work to do! You better get on that treadmill right NOW and don’t stop until I say you can, we don’t have much time and we’ve got a lot of other things to do when you’re done running…” “Whoa! I missed you too,” I respond. While there are other shoes that can be effective cheerleaders with generic phrases like “get fired up,” “go, fight, win” or “yay, we’re number one,” sometimes what I really need is a good motivashoenal speaker who can, without the BS, tell me what’s real in order to get a job done. Throughout my run, I continue to hear words of optimism and enthusiasm, but mostly realism. “How we do anything is how we do everything, just finish what we set out to do today and we’ll feel great afterward.” About 70% of the way through, the doubt crept in and I thought maybe I can just finish the rest of the run tomorrow as I reach for the cool down button before I hear, “You better not touch that button or I’ll kick your ass with your own feet, don’t you test me!” Needless to say, I finished my run without stopping. Sometimes a healthy fear (of things like failure, or you know, getting beat up by shoes) is all it takes to achieve things great or small, not just in physical activity, but in life. Sometimes, it’s something else that motivates us, but whatever it is that moves us towards a healthy mindset and whatever it is we want to achieve or attain, as my Nikes always say, “Just do it!”

Espadrille Sergeant

22 Apr


Do you have a pair of shoes that drums to their own beat? I am wearing my Jimmy Choo Phoenix Wedge Espadrilles in Nude Patent Leather. They like to be be called Espadrille Sergeant Choo of the Phoenix Wedge infantry in the Nude Patent division. While they drum to their own beat, they expect me to march to the beat of their drum. They actually make commands that are a little outrageous… But, as I’m walking, I keep in cadence and repeat them as they sing their little jody:

Left, left, left, right, left…
I don’t know but I been told,
espadrilles are mighty bold,
One, two,
Sound off!
Three, Four
Cadence Count!
One, two….three, four,

I don’t know what you’ve been told
And don’t care if your toes are cold

I use your feet to walk the city
But with us they’ll look real pretty

I’ll use ’em ‘gain to walk some more
You’ll notice stares of eyes adore

You gotta walk now up that hill
You say you won’t, but know you will

Cute from the sides, the back, and front
We can’t help but be real blunt

You’ll get four inches, so stand tall
You walk that walk, but don’t you fall

I don’t know but it’s been said
Girls in Choo’s are good in bed

Every time you stamp yo’ feet,
Jimmy knows that you’re on beat

Ain’t no use in singin’ this song
‘Cuz Jimmy’s had you all along

Wear some wedges, don’t just stare
If you don’t have some, get a pair!… one, two.. or.. three, four!

Shoeda, Woulda, Couldas

16 Apr

YSL Tribute

What’s the allure of gambling again? I was wearing my YSL Tribute T-Strap Sandals at the Harvey’s Casino in South Lake Tahoe and they concluded that the allure for sure isn’t the smoke-filled air, the multi-colored carpets, or the weird drunk guy sitting next to us asking, “So, what’s your story?” I guess the appeal of walking away at the end of the night with more cash than what we came with is enough to have us changing our bills into chips and ignoring everything else. Mama always needs a new pair of shoes, right? While hoping Lady Luck accompanied us to the blackjack tables, we began playing. Nowadays, it’s more like praying, since cards can’t be touched when dealt face up and while using multi-deck shoes (yes, blackjack cards have shoes too). While the goal is to get to 21 or as close to it as possible without going over, we’ll take a win however we can get it, either by beating the dealer or by the dealer busting. Even a draw can some times feel like a win; it sure beats losing. Whether up, down, or even, player emotions run high and if we have chatty shoes like my Tributes, emotions may run even higher. It seemed like every had my shoes had something to say. When I hit because the dealer showed a face card my shoes would say, “You shoulda stayed at 16, there was a 5 that the dealer wasn’t showing and you took the bust card.” When I increased my bet only to end up losing it they’d say, “If you woulda kept the bet the same, you woulda minimized your losses.” Even when I won, they yelled, “Ugh, you coulda bet more!” Yeah, that’s really easy to say when hindsight’s 20/20 and maybe slightly easier if we all consistently got hands that equaled 20. After a while, I had to put my foot down and walk away while I was ahead. While gambling, it’s easy to get carried away trying to press our luck. But if we lived our lives solely relying on luck, we’d have to deal with a hell-of-a-lot of Shoeda, Woulda, Couldas.

Heartbreaker, Shoes Got The Best Of Me

7 Apr


Can shoes ever cross the line when they are more fashionable than they are functional? I’m wearing my Aldo Fawson Suede Pumps again, which I haven’t done for a while. They are sexy stiletto heels that know how to work toe cleavage, but I keep forgetting how uncomfortable my feet are in them after long periods of time. Since they’re such a great color and so cute, I just can’t let them go. These shoes are definitely heartbreakers, like that really hot guy (or the one who thinks he’s hot shit) who knows (or just simply believes of) how good good looking he is. Yes, I am talking about the one who continues to break our hearts, but is kept around despite knowing that he’ll just continue to break them again and again. I guess some people can’t understand why some one would even consider wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes. I can because I do. I can’t; however, understand a friend of a friend, “Betty,” who is with an asshole who constantly cheats on her, but she continues to go back to the cocky douchebag. So Betty has been dating “Stanley” for over a year and deep down she knows he’s the biggest flirt, treats her like crap, and she finally confirmed that there were tons of other girls that he’s cheated on her with. There are a lot of things that go on in relationships, behind closed doors, that people from the outside looking in don’t know about. It’s very easy to judge, not practice what we preach, or assume it’s that easy to just throw a relationship away when that person still sees value in some one, some thing, or just not enough in herself.

I should probably remember to stop wearing these shoes for long periods of time. I guess I still see some inkling in hope that wearing them the next time might not produce the same discomfort. In reality, I need to remind myself that that pain I feel time and time again is self-inflicted, just as Betty’s cycle of hurting herself by allowing the abuse. It’s not just the shoe’s fault, I’m wearing them. It’s not just Stanley’s fault, Betty’s still dating him. It does takes two to tango. I have concluded over the years of observing these way-to-common instances that I just need to shut the hell up about any one’s douchebag dude and be resigned to the fact that we make own decisions, we make our beds, and we lay in them.

I think the older, or rather, wiser I have become, I tolerate some things a lot less than I used to (yeah 6 inch heels, that means you). Taste in clothing or shoes have become more geared towards being practical (no, I don’t mean ugly), but the qualities in things I am looking for have definitely changed. I guess Betty will learn in time (hopefully) to make the right decisions for herself the wiser she becomes, or not… It’s her life. I have my opinions about the situation, but vocalizing any decisions that I may make for myself usually doesn’t ever initiate any change in some one else. I know this because no one can talk me out of wearing these painfully cute shoes. Betty walks in her shoes and I walk in mine and the fact is these shoes got the best of me, I just keep on coming back incessantly; and although our circumstances are quite different from each other, we both seem to be singing the same tune, “Oh why did you have to run your game on me, I should have known right from the start you’d go and break my heart.”

Shoe’s Out of My League?

26 Mar


Why we do we put each other into categories? More importantly, why do we put ourselves into them? I was wearing my Isabel Marant Blackson Boots, that I didn’t think I would ever find. Labeled by every one everywhere as “sold out,” I didn’t think I’d ever locate them in the color I wanted. Despite the difficulty and obstacles of finding a pair and after making several attempts in stores that carry the brand, I finally lucked out when I called the Isabel Marant store in New York and I was told they had one left in my size. I purchased them immediately over the phone and they were shipped to me. While I was wearing the boots when I meet up with my friend, Sadie, she commented on the how she would never make the effort to find something that isn’t readily available, let alone could she allow herself to spend over a certain amount for a pair of shoes. Despite how much she was in love with a pair of shoes, Sadie already had already concluded that they were simply out of her league. Sadie didn’t have a problem spending the effort or money on 10 pairs of shoes that she didn’t love but instead “liked a lot.” She; however, already categorized specific pairs, such as the Blacksons, as “high maintenance.” She also categorized herself as some one who could never pull them off, some one who could never afford them, and some one who even if she could afford them, couldn’t justify the expense. The Blacksons were saying that despite being seen on famous or trendy people or despite being out of some one’s price range (at the moment), being “too good for some one” is a myth that is created by that some one’s own confining thoughts of perceived limitations. The Blacksons pointed out that Sadie was essentially saying that there are pairs of shoes are solid 10s and that she’s only a 7 (and that doesn’t mean shoe size), but that 7s and 10s just don’t belong together. With that attitude, Sadie would never give herself or the Blacksons the opportunity to determine whether the pair could actually be a match made in heaven. With a little perseverance, persistence, and confidence (which can be said with most things in life), I would have to agree with the Blacksons and say leagues only exists because we create them; a shoe’s never out of our league. What league? We are all 10s!

Breaking Up Is Hard to Shoe

6 Mar


Is breaking up hard to do? Maybe the time right after a break-up is the harder part. I took my Isabel Marant Rea chain sandals out for some cheering up; they were pretty bummed because they recently called things off a with a really immature piece of, I mean, pair of shoes… some Bruno Magli loafers, go figure. Things started off as a friendship, then transitioned into an off-and-on several year (way too) long relationship, that is now finally off for good. We all know how it goes trying to cheer up friends after a major break-up… we can probably recall the hours of conversation supporting the position that the right decision was made to call things off, the pep talks encouraging them to get out of bed and stop being a mope, the attempts to orchestrate some sort of distraction to snap ’em out of the funk, and the hopes that while your out and about nothing by Adele or Kelly Clarkson plays on the radio to remind them of ‘somebody’ that they used to know.

After a while of sulking around, my Rea sandals finally understood that their exes were just too young, too dumb to realize that “they should have bought us flowers and held our hands, should have gave all their hours when they had the chance. Take us to every party cause all we wanted to do is dance…” And now my shoes are dancing. And they’re dancing with me! Bruno M., sorry cookie, but the shoe has sailed. No one said breaking up is easy, but after some time, it isn’t as hard to shoe as it seems.


7 Feb


How hard can it be to learn another language? Well, for me, it’s sure not easy… My cream lace crochet Toms and I scurried into Mandarin class at Berlitz. I attended one semester of Mandarin at Pasadena City College, a class that gave me major anxiety. During this class, I learned some basic level one vocabulary and how to write those characters; however, the class didn’t get me very far in my hopes to actually converse in Mandarin. So, I returned to Berlitz, the language school where I learned how to speak Spanish, not fantastically, but well enough to get by. I figured an immersion class would be my best option at learning another language. My father speaks several dialects of Chinese, Malay, Bahasa Indonesia and English, and my mother speaks two Filipino dialects, conversational Spanish and English. Although English wasn’t my first language and out of the ten or so different languages spoken by my parents combined, English is all I grew up speaking and understanding as the only common language my parents speak is English. This is quite sad, in my opinion. While my father could have probably spoken to me in Mandarin in order to learn the language as a child, I now have to pay for semi private classes at a language center to learn what many other parents teach their children growing up. There was not even an ounce of understanding when Chinese friends or classmates in high school would come over and speak to my Dad in Chinese. Don’t ask which dialect of Chinese, sadly, I was as clueless then of different dialects as I was with what was being said. In college I took American Sign Language, so that didn’t really promote anything I could use in a foreign country. Basically, up until a few years ago, the only non-English conversations I had were those with my shoes, which always began with “Ok, I’ll buy you guys.” I don’t think being Shoelingual counts for very much.

Language really only became fascinating to me, not when I visited China, after high school, but after college when I went to Singapore and Malaysia with my family when we celebrated my Dad’s 50th birthday in his hometown of Raub. During the trip, I went with my dad who visited friends from high school, friends he hadn’t seen in over 30 years. It was interesting that while sitting at a table with 4 gentlemen, 4 different languages were being spoken and every one understood each other except for me. One friend, who was of Malaysian ethnicity spoke Malay, and one was from another part of town and of Chinese ethnicity spoke Hakka, and the other also of Chinese ethnicity spoke Hokkien, my dad basically spoke in English so that I could understand what the hell was going. While every one could also speak all of these languages, and obviously understood all of these languages, I guess it was just easier for each of them to talk in the language most comfortable or fluent to the speaker. It was the most bizarre conversation I ever witnessed, but it was also extremely fascinating and I became motivated to start learning. My dad’s native language was not Mandarin or Cantonese, both which he can speak now, so I figured there might be hope for me after all. He explained that he started learning more languages when he worked for an airline in Penang and later learned how to read and write Chinese by watching soap operas in Mandarin (which he still watches today) and looking at the subtitles at the bottom of the television to make out the characters associated with the words being spoken. He then thought that might be a little difficult for me, so he gave me some CDs with lyrics in Chinese characters so I could try to follow along to the words and characters of the songs. Um, was he serious? I still have the CD’s, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how my dad learned a language this way.

Tonight, I struggled to pronounce the correct intonations of words that the instructor from Berlitz, Joshua, had me repeat as I took notes in pinyin (system of English letters that would translate Chinese characters for correct pronunciation without knowing how to read). Joshua reminded me that although pinyin is “great for Westerners”), it is still important to learn how to read and write in Chinese. Even though there are several different Chinese dialects, if two people who speak different dialects could read and write in Chinese, there would still be a mode of communicate through writing when there could be essentially no verbal understanding whatsoever. This brought me back to the non-verbal communication of Sign Language and then to other non-verbal language that I often speak with my shoes. As I was trying to figure out how to tell the difference between a word that means “home” and “to add” when they sound exactly the same, I looked under the table at my Toms and I understood them perfectly as they were telling each other a joke about a girl who is Shoelingual. Great, another joke on me.

MMA Edshoecation

18 Jan


Have you ever watched a Mixed Martial Arts fight live up close and personal? I wore my Jeffrey Campbell Tripoli cutout boots to the Bellator MMA Championship Tournament at the Bren Events Center at UC Irvine, CA, which was also televised on Spike TV. My boyfriend and I went to support by bf’s trainer, Savant Young from the Fight Academy in Pasadena, who fought and beat Mike “The Joker” Guymon in spectacular fashion with a 2nd round knock out. This was the first time my boots went to a live MMA event. I wore them thinking they were perfect for the occasion since most of the fighters look tough and cut, and these boots look pretty tough and cut (out at the heel). Looks; however, can be deceiving, as the Tripoli’s weren’t as tough as they appeared. At first, they were a little squeamish while watching the punches fly and the countless submission attempts in the 4th row from the floor, so I had to explain that there is more to this sport than meets the eye. Although MMA and various Martial Arts in general have been around for a long time, MMA has only been in the main stream relatively recently. To those who aren’t knowledgable or who don’t appreciate the arts behind the fights, it can appear to be a violent blood sport. After being a little educated; however, my boots started to understand that there’s actually a method behind all this MMA madness. The training that is involved in this sport is so intense and the discipline, skill level, and conditioning that these fighters have to have in order to perform well in the three (or five, is it’s a championship fight) five-minute rounds (or less if there’s a stoppage by ref: KO, TKO, submission, tap-out, DQ, or by doctor’s recommendation) is no small feat. The countless hours of training, figuring out an opponent’s weaknesses, and the weight maintenance or cutting, are all in preparation to win the fight, with hopes of entertaining the fans. The entertainment to me is that the mental toughness and strategy involved and how being a ‘smart’ fighter is just as important as being strong or skilled, like a physical chess game in which a fighter must anticipate or be prepared for his opponent’s next move. It may not seem expected, but the best champions are as humble in defeat as they are victory and are always striving to be better at their craft. I also almost always see, at the end of the fight, a show of respect when two fighters (win, lose, or draw) touch gloves or hug each other after going after each other in a war of physical domination, demonstrating that the violence isn’t personal. By the end of the night, after several great and entertaining fights, my boots were yelling, “Improve your positioning, pass his guard! Get his back, put the hooks in, and sink in the rear naked choke!” That’s what I call MMA Edshoecation.


29 Dec


What is the most attractive bootie in my book? Chloe’s Susanna Bootie is Bootie-licious. It took me a while to receive after I pre-orered these babies, but I absolutely love them. I wear them all of the time, especially when I travel. They work in any weather condition, they are a perfect low heel height, and with the soft black leather, gold studs and buckles, it’s no wonder why they have a cult following. I wore them today on my way from SF to South Lake Tahoe for the weekend. I love traveling to the snow in the winter and can’t wait to board the groomed slopes of Heavenly Ski Resort. Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow!