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Craving Ding A Lings

25 Feb

semi sweet

Who can turn down a sweet treat? Not that I’d ever been on a diet, but even if I was on a strict one, I don’t think I could or would turn down Ding A Lings from Semi Sweet Bakery. I was given some of these sweetest of treats from Jax, one of my dearest and most entertaining of friends. My first experience of having them was during a Downtown LA food tour for the bachelorette party of another good friend Di. Semi Sweet Bakery encourages us to follow our noses to their cakes, cookies, and tarts, and after trying their Ding a Lings, we’ll be following our taste buds. I was able to indulge in the 4 different flavors I was given: PB Crunch, Red Velvet, Traditional, and a mystery one with a white-chocolatey-flavored outside and white cake with strawberry-flavored-filling inside that I had never tried before, which is super delicious and probably now my new favorite flavor. Since Jax now lives in downtown LA, whenever I visit, I’ll be within walking distance of this bakery. I was informed that I would also be within walking distance to the Cecil Hotel, which is believed to be haunted and has recently been in the News for all the wrong reasons. In the spirit of Jax’s YOLO (You Only Live Once) motto, she suggested we go into the Cecil Hotel’s elevator, the last place where Canadian tourist, Elisa Lam, was recorded before turning up dead in the roof top water tank (Gross!). Um, no thanks. I will have to turn down that offer. You do only live once, but the Cecil Hotel will be the last place you’ll see me. I’ll be YOLOing at Semi Sweet eating ding a lings, thank you.