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Raving About Six Flags Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor

1 Jul














Seeking thrills, fun, and excitement? Six Flags Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor are the best places to spend a fun-filled day of water slides, roller coasters, and everything else this rave-worthy theme park has to offer. Over the weekend, Face, Marshall, my bf and I went to the park on a VIP tour, which is ultimate (and most efficient way) to enjoy the day. We opted for the tour option that including the water park, since it was a 100 degrees. Once we got to MM, we pulled up to VIP parking, and our guide, Gabriel, met us, lead is in, and set us up with a cabana. We couldn’t wait to get into the water, so I started the day feeling a little daring and took the plunge on the appropriately named slide, Daredevil Plunge. Next, Gabriel took us to the front of the line on the Tornado, which all of us rode together on a yellow, four-person tube. This slide was so fun that we had to do it again immediately. We all ate a quick snack, and went on more slides: Secret Passage, a slide that is completely dark inside that twists and turns at high velocity, and Venom, the scariest slide in the entire park. Although Venom is only a 2 second ride, the vertical drop will leaves our adrenaline pumping and an experience that we will never forget. HH closed at 6pm, and we changed and headed to MM, leaving us with four hours in the self-proclaimed Trill Seeking Capital of the World. On a really hot day, like it was, going to MM during the evening (although still hot) was a good call. With the VIP tour, our guide leads us through the exit of the ride, and allows us to go on any seat, with no wait time and we can ride as many times as we like. Our first coaster, which we rode twice in a row, is the newest in the park, opening just last weekend, called Full Trottle. It is the fastest, tallest looping coaster in the world and it’s absolutely incredible! We headed to Goliath, which is a must-ride at MM, and followed up with two other coasters that I hadn’t been on previously: Green Lantern and Lex Luther’s Drop of Doom, both of which were super intense and mind blowing. The view on top of Drop of Doom is so beautiful, especially at sunset, but couldn’t be thoroughly enjoy while anticipating a drop that leaves our stomachs in knots. The last ride of the night was on Tatsu, a ride that makes us feel like we’re flying. Also included in the tour is all food and beverage that we could consume. I got to enjoy a veggie and fruit platter, corn on the cob, French fries, Dip and Dots, and sour candy. We also took home commemorative ride photos as souvenirs, showing just how much we all had. This was my fourth tour at MM, and every time has been an unbelievably great experience. I also highly recommend X2, and the Daredevil bungie (that usually costs more, but is included with a tour) and playing the carnival games, that we didn’t get to this time around. There is so much to do (and eat) and at MM and HH, that having a guide that get us food and get us on the rides without a wait saves us so much time and is incredibly convenient. I also have to rave about Gabriel, the best guide we’ve ever had. Thanks to him, we left the park raving that we had SO MUCH FUN and definitely felt like Very Important People.

Favoring the Style of Alexa Chung

27 Jun



Whose style is more original than Alexa Chung’s? In magazines we all see the “Who wore it better?” section of stars wearing the same things and we often see pieces that it seems like every celebrity and style icon owns. With so many stars with the same stylists and the popular labels that create trends for the masses, it’s easy to fall into on of two things: the carbon copy stylish “it girl” (styled in the hottest new shoes, designer everything, lust worthy bag with a two year wait list that for some reason every famous person seems to have) or the the girl who tries so hard to be different that she ends up in the “Fashion fails” section of the magazine. Very rarely, if ever, have I seen AC in an outfit that lands her in either section. She appears to me to have the perfect blend of being relevant, yet original. She always mixes designer fashion with vintage finds, resulting in a look that never fails. Although, like every one, AC finds inspiration in fashion (figures, shows, etc.), she finds a way to make her look her own and constantly evolves and updates her style. She does this by finding fresh takes on things she owns and by including a blend of both high and low designers. Every one can appreciate the style AC from the industry insiders sitting next to her front row at fashion shows or fans that follow her via social media. It’s no wonder that her quirky style has made her a fashion phenomenon and possibly the ultimate British style icon.

(All photos taken from Instagram @Chungalexa)

Baseball Converse-sations

25 Jun


What’s it like going to a baseball game in hostile territory? “I guess it would depend on where we’re sitting,” say my converse sneakers. While attending a baseball game, rooting on the Giants at Dodgers Stadium, we got Field Level seats in our usual section behind the Visitor’s dugout, between home and first base. Although we’ve all heard the crazy stories of the visiting team’s fans getting heckled, harassed, and even assaulted in the parking lot, we’ve never personally had an issue attending a game in LA wearing Giants gear. On our way to meet up with several friends, with seats in different parts of the stadium, we passed through several different sections. My converses noticed that the higher we went towards the top deck, the louder it became, and the more we wondered whether wearing a Giants hat was a good idea. A group of ten all ended up on the Club Level at the Stadium Club restaurant with an awesome gourmet all-you-can eat buffet, sitting at an outdoor table on the patio with a great view overlooking the field, enjoying the game and enjoying great conversations. My sneakers; however, told me that they overheard a man around the corner complain to his companion that there were too many Giants fans and it was too damn loud. As the night went on the Dodgers were up, we all heard a Dodgers fan ask a Giants fan if he wanted to get thrown over the balcony after he was heard rooting for his team. My converses commented, “I truly believe that we’ve come a long way in terms of racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination; however, it seems like society has created other ‘-isms’ in terms of people having prejudices against others who don’t think alike or who don’t share the same interests. Of course, there’s still a lot of ignorance and bias in this world, but more than ever it seems like every one is polarized based on our belief systems… liberals vs. conservatives, pro-lifer vs. pro-choices, Republicans vs. Democrats…” I ask them if we should we call this beliefism? My converses took our casual baseball conversation on a slight tangent, but they tried to make a point about the hecklers saying, “They are a perfect example of the those who think others are automatic arch enemies just by rooting for opposing teams, and they are supposed to hate each other. I don’t know, call that teamism.” I say, maybe one day we can have a conversation about it with some one from the other team. What happens when that person just simply disagrees with what we’re saying? What do we call that? Can’t call if Disagreeism. My converse reply, “What happens when that person says, yes why don’t we both go outside and talk about it, but I assure you there won’t be a whole lot of talking…” That’s when I say we better get the hell out of dodge(r’s stadium). When the Giants lost the game that’s exactly what we did, which meant I had to do more walking with my shoes and less talking. That was the end of that baseball converse-sation.

Friendsgiving Craves and Savors

24 Jun



Shouldn’t we be able to make our own holidays? It only seems right to have a day to celebrate friendship, so we and some friends of ours all got together at Di’s fantastic new place for a Friendsgiving potluck dinner to eat great food and enjoy the company of one another. We scarfed down some flavor cravers: catered Persian food from Raffi’s, homemade Spaghetti, a crazy good zucchini and asparagus medley, spinach and cheese pastries, ice cream cookies, homemade Tiramisu, fresh strawberries, a Mexican chocolate pie from the Pie Hole, and we were able to wash everything down with some wine and liquor. Friendsgiving also wouldn’t be right with out getting a little silly, so we played Heads-Up, an application on iTunes (which every one should download and play) which is like a high-tech version of headbands and the Cranium board game WOW edition. For Cranium, we split the group into two, the “C-words” (those who like girls) and the “D-words,” (those who like boys). While I don’t think we ever finished the game, playing was better and far more entertaining than winning anyway (usually said from the the people who didn’t win, but really, playing was better!). Although there was never a successful attempt at either team spelling a word backwards correctly, and accusations of cheating, we had had a blast and got to know each other a little better. Our team also discovered our best subject, MINDMELD, where team members are given a topic and must each write down three words that come to mind. The team wins if at least two (but changed to three) members match a single word. You’d think that’s easy to do, but from the topic Cruise Ship, I thought of Ocean, Vacation, and Food, while Jax wrote Gambling, Bikinis, and Hooking-Up. Hilarious! At least three of the five of us had Ocean come to mind. We ended the night on a high note, with a lip syncing contest (with words, not a lip-reading contest… inside joke), and although we didn’t want the night to end, there were so many moments we savored. Plus, the great thing about Friendsgiving is that it can be celebrated multiple times a year.

Craving Nicki C’s

23 Jun

nicki cs

nicki cs2

Ever go to a restaurant two days in a row? My first time was this weekend, when my bf introduced me to Nicki C’s for lunch, and then again the following day for breakfast for the second time. For lunch, we had a complimentary seasoned bread basket, the Brucshetta, a delicious Caprese Salad, and the best fish tacos I have ever had. After chatting with our server, we learned that Nicki C’s was actually known for their breakfast, so we had to try it, and it was goooood! They have fresh squeezed orange juice, which tasted incredible mixed with cranberry juice. My bf had the juevos y chorizo (eggs scrambled with chorizo, onion & cilantro, served with corn tortillas), which he ate in what seemed like a minute. I had the chiliquiles verde (eggs, tortilla strips, avocado, cilantro, cheddar cheese, and verde sauce) with a side of fruit. We shared the banana walnut pancakes with butter and maple syrup, which I had with a nice cup of black tea. Needless to say, we found a new breakfast and lunch spot, and I’m sure we’ll be back to Nicki C’s soon to try their, you guessed it, dinner!

Raving About In-Home Workouts

22 Jun




What is the best way to make sure there is no excuse for not working out? To have the ability to workout in the comfort of our own home. Going to the gym or exercise class takes effort and time; however, when we’re pressed for time, being able to workout at home is a lifesaver. Having a workout studio in our backyard was one of the best additions we’ve made, and something that we utilize often. In a small space, we just needed a few essentials to get a good sweat in for the day. For cardio, we have the option of the treadmill or the rowing machine. Both the The LifeFitness Platinum Club with Achieve Console Treadmill and the WaterRower rowing machine were purchased at Busy Body Home Fitness (http://www.busybody.com). When the rowing machine isn’t in use, it stores conveniently upright and leaves room for exercising on the Pilates Allegro Reformer (https://www.pilates.com/BBAPP/V/store/reformers/allegro-pilates-reformer.html), which can also be stored on it’s end. Hanging from a ceiling mount, is the TRX Trainer (http://www.trxtraining.com/), used for suspension exercised that utilize our own body weight from different angles for a total body workout. Ab gliders, a stability ball, and bosu ball are all great for core and strength exercises, as well as a ballet bar, LuluLemon yoga mat, and foam roller, which can also be used for stretching exercises. Light dumbbells, medicine balls, ankles weights, jump ropes, and resistance bands are also great products for home use that don’t take up much space. Speaking of saving space, the Hoist 5 Position Fold-Up Bench with Wheels and PowerBlock U-50 Weight Set (also from Busy Body) do just that. The super sturdy weight bench has 5 fast and simple adjustable angles for flat, incline and decline and folds flat with a convenient carrying handle incorporated into the design. The weight set also has a weight range of 5-50 pounds per hand that gives every 2.5 pound increment, replacing 20 pairs of dumbbells in the space of one pair. If all else fails and home gym or workout equipment at home isn’t feasible, a television, dvd player, and Insanity workout always does the trick. Summer is here, so we can all channel our inner Ballerinas and Muy Thai Fighters and work it out. I can’t help but rave about our in-home workout studio, but feeling good and looking good is definitely something we could all rave about.

Guilty By Ashoeciation

11 Jun


Are there ever times when we feel like we’re guilty until proven innocent? It seems like there are so many preconceived notions that we have about some thing or some one. For example, today I was in my black and white Jeffrey Campbell Burke platform heels. I was hanging out with a group of friends, acquaintances, and associates. My shoes made the comment about some one in particular, saying, “Based on my observations, she acts like everything revolves around her. You don’t want to be associated with that woman. She is self-centered, inconsiderate, and scandalous. She will bring nothing but trouble.” Wow, those were pretty harsh words to describe some one that we barely even know. I’m more inclined to believe that every one should be given the benefit of the doubt, but my shoes come from the school of hard knocks and are inclined to believe otherwise. “I have been stepped on and kicked around too many times to fall for the same inconsiderate B-words time and time again. I’ve seen this kind of person enough to know to be careful around her.” Ok, Dad. I feel like I’m being lectured like a thirteen year old, when my parents told me not to hang out with “bad influences.” It’s highly unlikely that I’d want to be best friends with some one who is unpleasant to be around, but I still feel like making quick judgments about people leads to general and sometimes unfair stereotypes. “We all have opinions about things. That’s how we make assessments about things in order take action in life, it’s how we all function. Our opinions are good, bad, or otherwise. And in this case, my opinion about the girl isn’t good.” While my shoes look at things very black and white regarding their associations (and so happen to be black and white), there are a lot of different personalities that we have to deal with, whether we like it or not. I found; however, that there was some truth in what they were saying. Choosing the people we choose to have in our lives are like the shoes we pick out and wear. The wiser I become, the quicker I can determine when a pair is going to hurt my feet or end up breaking my ankle. There are some shoes that we’ll love to pieces and wear all the time, some that will hang out in the closet for specific occasions, and others that will get neglected or tossed out altogether. My shoes commented, “If some one didn’t knowing you, he or she would probably assume that you’re the type of person who believes that a girl could never have too many shoes.” No comment; I guess I’m already guilty by ashoeciation.

Craves and Savors From The Original Pantry Cafe

9 Jun


Who loves breakfast? I do! And so do a set of four year old twins that already know what their cravings are in the mornings. My bf, his sister, brother in-law, the kiddies and I went to The Original Pantry Cafe in Los Angeles for breakfast and there was a line that almost wrapped around the building, it was so long. It’s safe to assume that every one waiting to eat also loves breakfast, and they all must also love The Original Pantry. While waiting to get in the door, I hear Evita say, “I want pokey eggs” (eggs sunny-side up, that you can poke and the yoke runs out) and DeAngelo say, “I want pancakes.” After the wait, we all wanted anything and everything on the menu! We finally made our decisions, and ordered. My cravings for coffee, apple juice, two eggs over easy, breakfast potatoes, and French toast overpowered the other cravings, but having an option for a combination of three items and two beverages also helped. Those potatoes are honestly the best breakfast potatoes ever! I think I know why so many people were lined up out front. The French toast with maple syrup was also savory, but nothing was savored more than the time spent with the people I shared breakfast with. What’s not to love about a delicious breakfast when we’re with people we love?

Food Truck Nation

7 Jun






lobsta truck


Since when did food trucks become so cool and popular? The Grilled Cheese Truck, Baby’s Badass Burgers, A Slice of New York, Chow Indiana Jones Truck, The Philly Lean, Cousins Maine Lobster, The Greasy Wiener, Sam Choy’s Pineapple Express, George’s Greek Truck, Kogi, Fishlips Sushi, The White Rabbit, Corn Heaven, The Lobsta Truck, and Cool Haus were all in downtown Los Angeles for lunch at the CAPG conference that I am attending. Besides the crazy lines, having food trucks cater the event was a nice surprise, considering how much I’ve been craving to try more of them and how rare it is that I’m actually able to catch and get something to eat from one of the “good ones.” Today I tried a few new food truck faves, the Lobsta Truck, Corn Heaven, White Rabbit, and Coolhaus (which I tried once before at Coachella). From the Lobsta truck, which was highly (and rightfully) recommended, I tried their delicious Lobsta Roll with Butter. I also had the “Oh Thank Heaven,” corn on the cob with butter and salt, from Corn Heaven and the Vegetarian Burrito (a flour tortilla, garlic rice, egg, cheese, and soy based “veggie meat” in a sweet, but spicy sauce) and slaw from the Filipino fusion truck, White Rabbit. For dessert, I couldn’t resist a Coolhaus cookie sand which with vanilla bean ice cream in between chocolate chip cookies. I wish I could have tried more trucks, but I was beyond stuffed. I was amazed at the amount of food coming out of these trucks and the amount of people inside of them. I realized during my meal and after all of the food I enjoyed, that I found the answer to my own question. Food trucks must have became cool and popular once the news spread that the food that comes (rather efficiently) out of these small restaurants on wheels is actually really good and crave-worthy. Whats your favorite food truck?

Raving About Lucky Strike

6 Jun

lucky strike

lucky strike2

When did bowling alleys become so fancy? The fanciest bowling alley I’ve ever been to is Lucky Strike, where I participated in a bowling tournament, which was part of the CAPG conference I am attending in downtown LA. What’s great about this bowling alley is it’s centralized location in LA Live, the hub of downtown dining and entertainment. When we walk into Lucky Strike, we feel like we’re heading into an ultra lounge, with a check in desk, hip music, huge television screens at the end of each bowling lane, plush lounge chairs for sitting, and low tables for food, drinks, and snacks. When we’re not bowling, there is a huge lounge area with an enormous bar and more televisions. This bowling alley is also great for parties and events, since there is a private room with four bowling lanes, it’s own bar, two pool tables, a variety of catering and drink options, and plenty of seating. I have always had a great time at Lucky Strike, and today in my ninth frame of the tournament, I actually got one (a lucky strike!).