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Motivashoenal Speaker

26 Apr


What is it that allows us to dig deep and what pushes us accomplish goals that we set in our hearts and minds? Excuses like to make their way into pockets of our subconscious since this layer isn’t always in current focus or awareness, because why would we so desperately make an effort to say “I can’t?” That little critical voice that likes to take jabs, especially in our weakest states, constantly tries to convince us that we’re not good enough, or smart enough, or attractive enough, or that we’re not worthy of being happy, of feeling proud, or of receiving admiration.
Just as I was being sucked into a vacuum of negative sentiments, which started to lead to feelings of being overwhelmed, undeserving, and insecure, I put on my Liquid Lime Nike Free Run 3 sneakers and the direction of my thoughts made a complete 180. Right when I was lacing them up, I hear, “Where the hell have you been for the last three days? We gotta a lot of work to do! You better get on that treadmill right NOW and don’t stop until I say you can, we don’t have much time and we’ve got a lot of other things to do when you’re done running…” “Whoa! I missed you too,” I respond. While there are other shoes that can be effective cheerleaders with generic phrases like “get fired up,” “go, fight, win” or “yay, we’re number one,” sometimes what I really need is a good motivashoenal speaker who can, without the BS, tell me what’s real in order to get a job done. Throughout my run, I continue to hear words of optimism and enthusiasm, but mostly realism. “How we do anything is how we do everything, just finish what we set out to do today and we’ll feel great afterward.” About 70% of the way through, the doubt crept in and I thought maybe I can just finish the rest of the run tomorrow as I reach for the cool down button before I hear, “You better not touch that button or I’ll kick your ass with your own feet, don’t you test me!” Needless to say, I finished my run without stopping. Sometimes a healthy fear (of things like failure, or you know, getting beat up by shoes) is all it takes to achieve things great or small, not just in physical activity, but in life. Sometimes, it’s something else that motivates us, but whatever it is that moves us towards a healthy mindset and whatever it is we want to achieve or attain, as my Nikes always say, “Just do it!”

Raving About A Run Around Lake Merced

25 Mar



Is there something we’ve ever done years ago and disliked it, and found that once we’d given it a chance, it might not actually be that bad? I’m talking about Running again. Yes, the one I didn’t give a second look at in high school, but now, can’t get away from. I’ll admit it’s been a love hate relationship for me, and for most of this relationship, I’ve kept it indoors, in the privacy of a gym or the confinement of a treadmill. It’s almost like I’ve been keeping Running a secret, but lately I haven’t been making an unavailable treadmill an excuse not to run. To be honest, running outdoors has actually been quite enjoyable. So while I was in San Francisco, I decided to take a break from the usual run of the (tread)mill and instead, I ran around Lake Merced, which I haven’t done since I was on the Lowell Girl’s Drill Team in high school. The run is about four and a half miles, and surprisingly, it wasn’t at all what I had remembered it to be. Of course, in high school, running around the lake was never a choice, but rather a “punishment” from the Commander or for better terms a “team building experience” (after not doing something well). Back then, I still felt accomplished after completing the run; but, it almost feels like when we’re kids and we go to Disneyland and it’s this huge, magical place, and when we go again as adults, while it’s still huge, it’s not as gigantic as we remembered it and while it’s still magical, Mickey Mouse doesn’t really have the same star appeal. This might be a bad example, but the point I am trying to get at is that our frame of minds shape our experiences. Through out the run, that used to be a “chore” back then, I did not think about “when this run was going to be over”, “how many miles are left,” or “how tired I was going to be after.” I actually enjoyed the beauty of the lake, reminisced about the great times on the Drill Team, and just ran. Who would have thought I would actually be raving about it running around this Lake Merced?

Sneaker Snicker

20 Dec


Do you ever feel like you just don’t get what’s so funny until way way, way later?
I am wearing my Nike Free Run +3’s, which are fabulous. I love the fun color, light weight, and comfort of the running shoe. Whenever I really like something, I usually find a way to get more of whatever it is. So, yes, I do have another pair in another color, and somehow I justified it in my mind that I NEED them both, although I have a ton of other running shoes in the shoe closet and probably could have done without either. I probably wear these running shoes the most out of the week, but maybe not as often as I’d like these days. I’ve been feeling a little sluggish and overwhelmed lately. I put these shoes on today, and I swear I heard them laughing at me. They were wondering what the hell I was doing for the last couple days without them and had to explain that I was busy. I was hosting a party, attending events, shopping for the holidays, working, and most recently blogging, which entails learning how to use a new camera and being on the computer for hours (well more than the usual hours I spend on the computer for work). I probably took more photos in the last month than I have this year, so alright, I guess I can see how my sneakers found this funny.
I started going out with Running in high school. As much as I think I dislike Running, I feel like he is the most effective cardio work out, so I don’t know if I can live without him. I actually learned this the hard way, so allow me to introduce you to Running, my boyfriend. He’s awesome because with my crazy food cravings and ability to eat more than most people I know, he keeps me healthy and in shape. I actually broke up with Running five or so years ago for a few months during a time of complete insanity, drinking way too much and partying way too hard, amongst a couple of other mistakes I can remember. Turns out that I probably gained 15 pounds during my months without him, and completely lost myself. I didn’t realize until I finally dragged my lazy ass to go the gym and discovered my feet couldn’t fit into my running shoes. I sat in my car and cried; it was devastating. There was no way I could cope with replacing all of my shoes. So, I happily got back with Running and here we are today.
So today while I was running, I heard the sneakers snickering… It took me back to some bad memories. After 3 miles, I looked at my sweaty reflection in the mirror and said to myself “you know what? This is life, sometimes, you have to learn to laugh with them, even if it’s at yourself.”