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Raving About Six Flags Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor

1 Jul














Seeking thrills, fun, and excitement? Six Flags Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor are the best places to spend a fun-filled day of water slides, roller coasters, and everything else this rave-worthy theme park has to offer. Over the weekend, Face, Marshall, my bf and I went to the park on a VIP tour, which is ultimate (and most efficient way) to enjoy the day. We opted for the tour option that including the water park, since it was a 100 degrees. Once we got to MM, we pulled up to VIP parking, and our guide, Gabriel, met us, lead is in, and set us up with a cabana. We couldn’t wait to get into the water, so I started the day feeling a little daring and took the plunge on the appropriately named slide, Daredevil Plunge. Next, Gabriel took us to the front of the line on the Tornado, which all of us rode together on a yellow, four-person tube. This slide was so fun that we had to do it again immediately. We all ate a quick snack, and went on more slides: Secret Passage, a slide that is completely dark inside that twists and turns at high velocity, and Venom, the scariest slide in the entire park. Although Venom is only a 2 second ride, the vertical drop will leaves our adrenaline pumping and an experience that we will never forget. HH closed at 6pm, and we changed and headed to MM, leaving us with four hours in the self-proclaimed Trill Seeking Capital of the World. On a really hot day, like it was, going to MM during the evening (although still hot) was a good call. With the VIP tour, our guide leads us through the exit of the ride, and allows us to go on any seat, with no wait time and we can ride as many times as we like. Our first coaster, which we rode twice in a row, is the newest in the park, opening just last weekend, called Full Trottle. It is the fastest, tallest looping coaster in the world and it’s absolutely incredible! We headed to Goliath, which is a must-ride at MM, and followed up with two other coasters that I hadn’t been on previously: Green Lantern and Lex Luther’s Drop of Doom, both of which were super intense and mind blowing. The view on top of Drop of Doom is so beautiful, especially at sunset, but couldn’t be thoroughly enjoy while anticipating a drop that leaves our stomachs in knots. The last ride of the night was on Tatsu, a ride that makes us feel like we’re flying. Also included in the tour is all food and beverage that we could consume. I got to enjoy a veggie and fruit platter, corn on the cob, French fries, Dip and Dots, and sour candy. We also took home commemorative ride photos as souvenirs, showing just how much we all had. This was my fourth tour at MM, and every time has been an unbelievably great experience. I also highly recommend X2, and the Daredevil bungie (that usually costs more, but is included with a tour) and playing the carnival games, that we didn’t get to this time around. There is so much to do (and eat) and at MM and HH, that having a guide that get us food and get us on the rides without a wait saves us so much time and is incredibly convenient. I also have to rave about Gabriel, the best guide we’ve ever had. Thanks to him, we left the park raving that we had SO MUCH FUN and definitely felt like Very Important People.