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Raving About Lucky Strike

6 Jun

lucky strike

lucky strike2

When did bowling alleys become so fancy? The fanciest bowling alley I’ve ever been to is Lucky Strike, where I participated in a bowling tournament, which was part of the CAPG conference I am attending in downtown LA. What’s great about this bowling alley is it’s centralized location in LA Live, the hub of downtown dining and entertainment. When we walk into Lucky Strike, we feel like we’re heading into an ultra lounge, with a check in desk, hip music, huge television screens at the end of each bowling lane, plush lounge chairs for sitting, and low tables for food, drinks, and snacks. When we’re not bowling, there is a huge lounge area with an enormous bar and more televisions. This bowling alley is also great for parties and events, since there is a private room with four bowling lanes, it’s own bar, two pool tables, a variety of catering and drink options, and plenty of seating. I have always had a great time at Lucky Strike, and today in my ninth frame of the tournament, I actually got one (a lucky strike!).

Raving About A Camera Bag

21 May




Does new always mean better? In some cases, yes, but I have found that when it came to finding the perfect camera bag, old beat new by a landslide. When I was looking for a bag for my Nikon D7000 DSLR camera and accessories, everything new in store was boring, black, and made out of nylon with mesh pockets and plastic buckles; basically every bag for sale was very unfriendly to fashion. Not to mention, most of the big bulky bags were deceiving in what they could actually fit in them, requiring me to spend more money on an even bigger and bulkier bag than the already overpriced camera bag I was initially assessing. I began my search to find a camera bag that was functional and not black, something I could possibly carry around while wearing a dress. On Ebay, I found a Vintage Brown Leather Hard Case Marsand Camera Bag, with a top handle and shoulder strap. It was as if the camera bag gods heard the exact description and specifications of my dream camera bag and answered my prayers. It’s spacious, super cute, and comfortable. The padded and adjustable shoulder strap has been a savior when traveling, and I’m not worried about my camera being banged up because of the durable hard shell case that provides protection and although I don’t know quite how old it is, I know the quality of the materials will surely last for years to come. The bag came with two moveable dividers for configuration in the main compartment, which can be used vertically (which I have done), or horizontally for used of top and bottom space. In this section, am able to fit my camera, lens, external flash, remote, card reader, external hard drive, and lens protector with plenty of room to spare (I’ve thrown in my laptop charger, point and shoot camera, iphone, and cell phone battery pack, passport and travel documents, all at the same time). The interior is lined in a red fabric finish and the interior pockets (also fabric, not mesh), which I use to store things like extra batteries, lens caps, lens cleaners, memory cards, etc. There is also a front pocket that I use for the camera battery charger, cables, etc. I cannot help but rave about this purchase, it was the best $30 I’ve ever spent. Anything I could possibly need for taking pictures (for blogging), I got it in the bag.

Rave Worthy Birthday Party

11 May


What do you need to throw a rave worthy birthday party for a set of four-year-old twins? Today we hosted that party for my bf’s niece and nephew, Evita and DeAngelo, and it was a huge success. Everything that was included in the party was a perfect recipe for a great event, leading to happy guests and happy twins.


An awesome theme. Check.


Birthday Boy. Check. Birthday Girl. Check. Gifts. Check. Great Food. Check. (King Taco of Pasadena’s Food Truck was a huge hit!)


A jumpy. Check.




Birthday cakes, cupcakes, and goodie bags. Check.


Entertainment for children: A mermaid who can sing, do a magic show, and face paint; and a pirate who can lead a treasure hunt, engage the children in games, and tell jokes. Check


Cakepops and chocolate covered fruit (all made by a family friend). Check.


Perfect, warm weather, and a pool (with a lifeguard of course). Check.


A happy birthday boy and girl surrounded by friends and family, with warm wishes and birthday kisses. Check.

Bangin’ Bangle Bracelets

24 Apr


Doesn’t every one love arm candy? Most people love them in the form of a smokin’ hot date in hand, but I prefer mine to be bangin’! and around my wrist… and lately, I’ve been raving about my animal bangle bracelets. It’s nice to have a few to mix-up and wear together or separately, depending on the mood. Kenneth Jay Lane makes a variety of animal bangles in a variety of colors like the snake, giraffe, and elephant pictured; however, there are also other vendors that sell bangles similar in style to KJL like the black and white tiger bangle that can be purchased for 80% less than the KJL retail price from the eBay store: Alilang Fashion Jewelry (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Golden-Toned-Metal-Alloy-Black-and-White-Enamel-Twin-Tiger-Cuff-Bracelet-Bangle-/350586859491?pt=Fashion_Jewelry&hash=item51a09aefe3). We can sport our favorite animal, start a collection, or continue to add to our zoo. Whatever our arms fancy, candy can come in all sorts, including lions and tigers and bears. Oh my!

Raving About The Agua Caliente

20 Apr


Where is the best place to stay during a weekend attending the Coachella music festival? The Agua Caliente Casino, Resort, and Spa has to be the best… It has all of the amenities that any one could ever ask for in a hotel and more! Thanks to my bf’s mom, the sweetest, most generous person, who reminds me so much of my own mommy, our entire weekend stay has been comped, including food and beverage. The seven of us, staying in a beautiful suite with a conjoining room and an additional room across the hall, have taken advantage of in-room dining, dinners at The Steakhouse, meals at the delis, and snacks galore from the mini bar. Each day, we have the Fitness Center available for morning workouts, the pool and cabana with outdoor television available for lounging in the early afternoon, shuttle services available for transportation to and from the festival (huge plus; driving to the festival is not convenient at all), and gaming available on the casino floor and in the poker room at any time of the day and night. After seeing the Postal Service, Moby, Franz Ferdinand, Janelle Monae, Two Door Cinema Club, New Order, and Phoenix, we think we’re tired, but the poker tables are calling… A few hours later and it’s now 5am. The comfy King size bed it calling. After a few hours of sleep, the day will start again at the rave-worthy Agua Caliente and all of these amenities will still be available to us…

Raving about a Helmet

9 Apr


Who said helmets have to be boring? I am raving about my super cute, open face helmet in pink, with white racers stripes down the middle and stars on the sides. I know I’m going to use a lot this spring and summer while riding around town on my scooter. After owning a full-face helmet in silver and half helmet in white, I wanted something in between with a shield for eye protection, and something that still provided protection for street riding, and something more fun or colorful with a vintage look that would go well with my scooter. While on my hunt for this “in between” with all of “and and ands,” I discovered Ebay seller donydonkang (http://myworld.ebay.com/donydonkang?_trksid=p2047675.l2559) and found the ONE. The helmet was $41.25 + $14.43 for shipping. And while shipping took a few weeks, since it was coming from out of the country, it fit like a charm and it was less expensive for some of the vintage helmets I had considered used at thrift stores and other sites. This helmet reminds me of the style of Go Mifune’s helmet from Speed Racer. While I won’t be racing to a finish in this helmet, finally getting it made me feel like I won something. Maybe it’s the feeling of triumph of finding exactly what I was looking for.

Raving About A Run Around Lake Merced

25 Mar



Is there something we’ve ever done years ago and disliked it, and found that once we’d given it a chance, it might not actually be that bad? I’m talking about Running again. Yes, the one I didn’t give a second look at in high school, but now, can’t get away from. I’ll admit it’s been a love hate relationship for me, and for most of this relationship, I’ve kept it indoors, in the privacy of a gym or the confinement of a treadmill. It’s almost like I’ve been keeping Running a secret, but lately I haven’t been making an unavailable treadmill an excuse not to run. To be honest, running outdoors has actually been quite enjoyable. So while I was in San Francisco, I decided to take a break from the usual run of the (tread)mill and instead, I ran around Lake Merced, which I haven’t done since I was on the Lowell Girl’s Drill Team in high school. The run is about four and a half miles, and surprisingly, it wasn’t at all what I had remembered it to be. Of course, in high school, running around the lake was never a choice, but rather a “punishment” from the Commander or for better terms a “team building experience” (after not doing something well). Back then, I still felt accomplished after completing the run; but, it almost feels like when we’re kids and we go to Disneyland and it’s this huge, magical place, and when we go again as adults, while it’s still huge, it’s not as gigantic as we remembered it and while it’s still magical, Mickey Mouse doesn’t really have the same star appeal. This might be a bad example, but the point I am trying to get at is that our frame of minds shape our experiences. Through out the run, that used to be a “chore” back then, I did not think about “when this run was going to be over”, “how many miles are left,” or “how tired I was going to be after.” I actually enjoyed the beauty of the lake, reminisced about the great times on the Drill Team, and just ran. Who would have thought I would actually be raving about it running around this Lake Merced?