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Savoring The Icing On A Wedding Cake

15 Apr


What usually gets people invited, excited, then reunited? A Wedding! This past weekend was the marriage celebration of Flo and Allen, held at the Edgewood Golf Course in beautiful South Lake Tahoe. The invitation came unexpectedly, as I haven’t seen Flo since she graduated from high school, joined the US Air Force shortly after, and then stationed out of California, most recently in Guam. Upon receiving our invites, I along with the group of us girls, all on the drill team together in high school, were excited to plan our trip to the destination wedding close to home. The wedding venue has a perfect view overlooking the lake; the only thing more breathtaking than the scenery was the gorgeous bride, who looked absolutely radiant. The ceremony was short and sweet, but filled with many “Aw!” moments and the reception that followed was equally filled with many things to savor; the delicious food that was served for dinner, the sing-a-long music and fun dancing, and the irresistible candy bar and wedding cake. What I savored the most; however, was having shared in such a special event with close friends and people I love. Every one reunited under one roof to celebrate such a wonderful occasion together is something we should never take for granted. Like the wedding cake, designed with photo images on the icing of captured moments of the happy bride and groom during wonderful times spent together, while the 3-layered cake in chocolate, spice, and vanilla flavors was thoroughly enjoyable to eat, the best part was really the unforgettable memories of the time spent together, which was really the icing on the cake!