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Craving Raffi’s Place Restaurant

17 Dec


Have you heard of Raffi’s Place Restaurant in Glendale? If you have, then you already know how great the food is there. If you haven’t heard of it or have never eaten Raffi’s food, then you are missing out. Raffi’s is an Persian/Iranian restaurant and the food is soooooo good. It’s always a hit to serve Raffi’s when we host parties, so that’s what we did for our party over the weekend. Depending on the amount of people, we vary the quantity of our order, but we usually get the chicken and beef, mahi mahi, swordfish and salmon, with sides of vegetables: green peppers, tomatoes, and chopped cucumber salad. All catered orders come with rice, pita bread, yogurt, onions, lemons, mint leaves, radishes seasoning salt, and butter, which they tend to be very generous with. So if you don’t like waste, then ask for less of these things. Even when we do ask for less, we still have left overs.
We got our new dining table delivered the day of the party, so it was fun to dress it up for our visitors with chargers, place settings, glassware, and cute details like personalized napkin rings (with guests’ initials), candles, and a smiling Santa.
One last note, if you can’t handle things that are too spicy, don’t eat the seeds of the peppers from Raffi’s. If you’re anything like me, you’ll end up crying at the table (involuntarily) with your mouth on fire.