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Ipic Theater Is The Best Movie Watching Experience Ever!

15 Dec


Have you ever been one of those people who wanted to see a movie opening weekend, but ended up in one of the first rows because you didn’t want to, or just didn’t have the time to, wait for two hours to get a good seat? Well, I am one of those people, except now I refuse to have to wait a long time to get a good seat, it’s not worth my time. I found; however, a place that is perfect for my problem. It’s called Ipic Theater, or gold class cinemas, located in Old Town Pasadena. You can go online to ipictheaters.com, or utilize the Ipic app, or (if you are old school) pick up the phone and call, to reserve tickets for current movies. If you can’t make your showtime, you will have to call to cancel prior to the start of the movie or you will eat the money for the tickets, which is about $30. Otherwise, you can get to theaters without waiting in a ridiculous line. You can get there minutes before showtime, or even after showtime and have your reserved seats waiting for you.
I went to see Lincoln last night, which was an amazing movie (Daniel Day Lewis is so seriously talented and the movie was very well made). What is just as great about watching an amazing movie, is having an amazing experience while watching it. Ipic has such a cool atmosphere, which is why we choose to frequent it so often. When you enter the theater, you go down escalators to a little seating area that looks over the bar. You go down another set of escalators and you enter the waiting area, that looks like the lounge of a night club. There is a giant big screen television and a full service bar. Some one greets you and escorts you to a seat in the lounge or straight into the theater, depending on the time you check in before showtime. You can hang out and get some drinks or chat with your friends, your date, etc. There are six cinemas in the theater and each cinemas seats about 30-48 people, there is not one bad seat in the theater. Each seat is a plush, red recliner equipped with a storage for your purse and personal items, a pillow and blanket, and a table with a button that calls for a server who will take your order for drinks (alcoholic or non), snacks, or a full meal. Last night, I ordered a hot black tea with soy milk and one packet of Splenda, and a mediterranean salad. My boyfriend ordered the meatball sliders and we shared the coconut shrimp appetizers, bite size nachos and four cheese flatbread. I took pics of the things I received prior to the movie starting. I would lie if I said we normally don’t order like that, but we do. The menu occasionally switches up, and their desserts are pretty great, especially the death by chocolate cake, but we skipped on the dessert this time. The food cannot be beat my any other theater. Even if you opt not to eat or drink anything, a small bag of popcorn is given out on the house.
I am and always have been a huge movie goer, but my boyfriend never was before he met me. This theater has totally trained him to look forward to going to the movies because of the food and comfort at Ipic. I’m happy, and he’s happy. Ipic is the best in my opinion. I couldn’t ask for more from a theater, the food cannot be beat my any other theater that I’ve been to.