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Easter Craves & Savors

31 Mar


What is Easter without loved ones? The last four Easter weekends were spent in Palm Dessert with my bf’s family, including my bf’s mom, aunt, sister, brother in-law and adorable niece and nephew. The last three Easters we participated in La Quinta Resort and Club’s Easter festivities, which include an Easter egg hunt, face painting, jumpers, performances, Easter bunny photos, and more. All of the children at the event are entertained for hours, and it’s great for families. All of the children, and adults can also indulge in the popcorn, sno-kones, and cotton candy that are offered to all attendees. We always have a great time, especially because we know the twins always have a great time.


My bf’s mom makes sure that there is never shortage of food, and she is an amazing chef. All weekend long, and also on most holidays, we are spoiled with food that will likely lead to regular cravings. In addition to the food platters comprised of seafood cocktail, crackers, cheese, and fruit from Bristol Farms, she cooked lobster, wild rice, and a vegetable medley with cheese that is unbelievable. Every meal is like a feast.


The best part of the weekend; however, is the time we are able to spend with one another. From Friday night, sitting and talking at the Patio table, to eating together and bonding, to enjoying time with the twins and marveling at how much they have grown, there is never a dull moment, since all of these moments are colored with love. While doing common things like sitting on the couch watching television together while eating berry sorbet and some not so common things like watching my bf throw up in the air two three year olds while playing in the pool, all of these things will become lasting memories to be appreciated and oh so savored.

Shoe Can’t Have One Without The Other

24 Dec


Throughout this hectic holiday season, are you making enough time for yourself to unwind? Today I wen’t to the Marriot Spa in Palm Dessert. I am wearing my Chanel jelly sandals. I wear them so often because they are easy to slip on and off, are comfortable, and I can shower in them. I have already gone through a few pairs through out the years and this pair is on it’s last leg. The diamonds are chipped, and I have already superglued one back on after falling off. Like these shoes have gotten a little beaten up over some time, my muscles have as well, and I needed to relieve some tension. After running on the treadmill at the fitness center, I slipped these sandals on, showered and got a much need massage.
Since most of my days consist of sitting in at my desk, running errands, and trying to stay active, it’s important to make time for myself to unwind and relax. My massage therapist, Dale, did a great job kneading out the knots in my upper back, where I hold most of my stress. I felt very relaxed afterward. With everything going on in life, sometimes, it easy to do too much of something and in turn neglect certain other things. It’s so easy to overeat or not have time to eat, easy to spend all this time getting a stable working out schedule, then fall off the schedule for so many reasons, and the list can go on forever about any aspect in life. There are so many parts of life to manage on a daily basis. I am constantly trying to find that time and most importantly, balance in my priorities. More often than not, priorities are also constantly changing. As I am looking at these sandals, they remind me, life can’t always be about one thing, whether it’s working hard, or playing hard. Shoes are a pair, you can’t really have one without the other.