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Festival Craves & Savors

4 Jun




Doesn’t every one love festival season? It sure looked like it based on the number of happy festival goers who went to the San Manuel Amphitheater in San Bernardino this past weekend, where Mumford and Sons headlined. While I like the band, what really had my bf and I sold on the concert were the food trucks and the fact that we wanted to spend time with Jax and her husband Ste, our music festival partners. There were so many food trucks in this large outdoor amphitheater, and the first thing we did was eat at the Wicked Kitchen, which I had been craving since trying it for the first time at Coachella. I had the same thing I had before, “I Pity The Tofu’l.” Not long after, my bf and I shared some nachos at one of the taco stands. We also tried the Chunk-n-Chip Cookies Truck, which was my favorite. I had the pistachio ice cream in between two chocolate chip cookies. The ice cream was delicious, there were little chinks of pistachio mashed in the ice cream, and it was so good, I forgot about the cookies, and neglected them almost altogether. I always enjoy being able to try a variety of food cravings at the trucks and vendors that have become almost as popular at music festivals as the bands themselves. I enjoy savoring time with friends, the great music, and the great vibes from the people there having a good time. It’s also nice to be inspired by festival fashion, and there isn’t any one more fashionable that I know than my friend and festival partner, who can be followed on Instagram @Luna_spoon (named after her beloved Boston Terrier).

So, what festival or concert is next on the list? Which band or musician is a must-see this season and where?

Savoring the Sights and Sounds of Coachella

19 Apr




Where do an estimated 90,000 people go every April for an unforgettable music experience of a lifetime? Indio, which is the home to Coachella’s annual music festival, where for two consecutive weekends, bands play from day to night on the polo grounds in the dessert. I along with my favorite guys, my bf and my brother, went to the first day of weekend two and entered into another, yet familiar, world filled with music, art, and hoards upon hoards of people. In addition to the option of non-stop people watching entertainment, Coachella provides visual stimulation at every turn: the projector art, the giant moving snail, the Coachella Factory filled with masked men, etc. The sights are definitely something to behold; however, the artists are really what music-lovers come to see. On day one, the bands we watched were Of Monsters and Men, Passion Pit, Modesto Mouse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Stone Roses, Jurassic 5, and Blur. Day one was filled with sights and sounds to savor, and am sure days two and three will be just as amazing.