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Craving Mei Long Village

7 Jan

Mei Long Village

Why are noodles so addicting? Well, if you have the Green Onion Noodles at Mei Long Village in San Gabriel, you’ll know exactly why. Last night, I had dinner with one of my oldest and dearest friend and food soul mate, Face, who loves good food just as much as I do and who actually introduced me to this restaurant some time ago. I was craving the green onion noodles (easy/light oil), which we shared with a snow peas and garlic dish and another veggie dish with baby bok choy, mushrooms, and tofu. Prior to having dinner, we said we weren’t that hungry, but the noodles were so good, we had to have a second order. Mei Long is known for their XLB (xiao long bao) dumplings, but I go there for the green onion noodles, they are the best! Additionally, if you check into the restaurant through Yelp, which has proved to be a great tool for restaurant reviews and ideas for Face, you can get either a free order of the dumplings or $10 off your meal (we chose the latter). If you are ever in San Gabriel area craving authentic Chinese, specifically Shanghainese food, Mei Long Village is the place to be. If you go there with great company, specifically some one else who shares the same taste palate, than dinner can also go down in the books as one to savor.