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Craving Juk

3 May


Isn’t it funny that when we’re feeling starved and scarfing down something that tastes phenomenal, sometimes, we don’t know if it is just THAT good, or if we are just THAT hungry? After a thirteen hour flight from Los Angeles, California to Seoul, Korea, I desperately needed to grab something to eat despite only having 15 minutes to get to the next gate to catch the last leg of my flight to Manila, Philippines. I was looking forward to eating Korean food since I had been anticipating an hour layover, but since waiting in line for and finally getting through the airport security checkpoint took over 45 minutes, that didn’t leave me much time for eating. On the plane, of the two meals and one snack served, there were no vegetarian options. So, I had to skip the ham sandwich snack and only ate the sides of the lunch and dinner offerings, which was kimchi with rice and a small serving of fruit. On the plane I was already running through a list in my mind of Korean food that I would want to order during my layover, but in reality, I found myself literally running through the airport, passed all of the Korean food that I wanted to order. Although I only had less than 10 minutes before boarding I couldn’t help but stop at a food court at the Shanghai Deli so I could order something to-go and eat on the plane. I ordered Juk, a Korean rice porridge, which I always crave, but hadn’t had in a while. I don’t know if it was just my cravings talking or my hunger, but the Juk was probably the best Juk I ever had. I was glad that I had stopped off despite being just in the knick of time to board, otherwise I would’ve only had one option on that 3 hour flight to Manila, kimchi with rice and a side of fruit.

Craving & Savoring My Tofu House with My Brother

21 Mar



Where can you get the best tofu soup in San Francisco? My Tofu House, which is where I went for lunch with my older brother, Stephen. I was craving to eat Korean cuisine, and especially craving to eat at this particular restaurant for sooo long, and was glad I finally had the opportunity to dine in with my brother while I was in town visiting. Like many Korean restaurants, banchan (side dishes) are set in the middle of the table to share, and are replaced if desired. These small side dishes of kimchi, bean sprouts, pickled cucumbers, fish slices, and spicy pickled radish come out before the meal, but can be enjoyed through out the meal. My brother ordered the Spicy Kimchi Tofu Soup and Bulgolgi (marinated beef), I ordered the Assorted Mushrooms Soft Tofu Soup with a medium level of spiciness, and we shared an order of the Seafood and Vegetable Bibimbap. Bibimbap is a signature Korean dish, and the variation we had was made with white rice, squid, shrimp, oyster, raw egg yolk, seaweed, and vegetables topped with a spicy sauce served steaming in a stone pot. The tofu soup is also served in stoneware, which keeps it hot the entire duration of the meal and which also allows the raw egg, that comes with the order, to cook once cracked and stirred into the soup. The redder the soup, the spicier, but no matter the level of spiciness, the temperature stays consistently hot! My brother and I devoured everything on the table, the food was so good. The diversity in cuisine, the authentic food, and the abundance of great restaurants in San Francisco are some of the things that I miss the most, second to my family and friends who live in SF of course. When I do finally get to take a trip to my hometown; however, my meals are only more appreciated and savored. I’m so happy that I got to share an awesome meal (and spend the day) with my brother, who definitely has an appetite as big as mine (if not bigger).