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Craving The Boiling Crab

12 Feb

boiling crab

boiling crab1

Is food ever worth an hour and a half wait? It appears there is food that’s worth the wait. An example of this is any day on a weekend at Alhambra’s The Boiling Crab on Valley Blvd, where we seafood fanatics put our names on the long list and patiently wait for a table in a packed restaurant with the aroma of the freshly cooked seafood filling the air. If we’re lucky enough we can wait at the bar, where we can order a dozen oysters, fried calamari, and sweet potato fries among other small appetizers. When we finally get seated on a table lined with white waxy paper and nothing but a plastic napkin caddy full and ready to be utilized. Since we’ve already built our appetites, we ordered five pounds of food: one and a half pounds of king crab legs, one pound of crawfish, two pounds of clams, white rice, half a pound of shrimp, red potatoes, and 4 pieces of corn on the cob that come in the same bag as the shrimp. That’s right, the food comes in plastic bags and we can order different seasoning, but the best is the “whole shabang,” which is like a garlic butter cajun sauce thats made from mild to extra spicy, depending on our liking. Mild to medium is plenty spicy. Once the food starts coming, we are allowed to dig in and appease the crave of the crab, The Boiling Crab, and appeased our cravings were.

Craving Sage Room

29 Dec

sage room

What’s the first thing I think about whenever I travel? Where to eat of course… Whenever I am in South Lake Tahoe, I usually prefer staying at the Harrah’s or Harvey’s Casino. These casinos are within walking distance to the Gondola and after a day of boarding, everything is in your hotel to experience Tahoe’s nightlife of lounging, entertainment, gambling, or my favorite, dining. My boyfriend and I are staying at the Harrah’s this time around, but on our first night here, we had dinner at the Sage Room at the Harvey’s. We shared everything, starting with some appetizers: the king crab cocktail and a dozen oysters on the half shell, freshly shucked, with lemon, horseradish, tabasco and cocktail sauce. Prepared table-side, we had the Caesar salad for two made a dressing that I saw prepared with worcestershire sauce, tabasco sauce, dijon mustard, egg yoke, vinegar and anchovies tossed with romaine lettuce and topped with fresh parmesan cheese. I will definitely be attempting to recreate this salad at home. Although the Sage Room is a steak house, we had one of the fish specials, which was a sea bass with asparagus and a baked potato with butter and sour cream. The server was surprised we actually had room for dessert, but we couldn’t resist the Chocolate Lava Cupcake, a fresh made chocolate cupcake served piping hot topped with fudge sauce, chocolate chips, and served with vanilla bean ice cream. Pure deliciousness.