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Espadrille Sergeant

22 Apr


Do you have a pair of shoes that drums to their own beat? I am wearing my Jimmy Choo Phoenix Wedge Espadrilles in Nude Patent Leather. They like to be be called Espadrille Sergeant Choo of the Phoenix Wedge infantry in the Nude Patent division. While they drum to their own beat, they expect me to march to the beat of their drum. They actually make commands that are a little outrageous… But, as I’m walking, I keep in cadence and repeat them as they sing their little jody:

Left, left, left, right, left…
I don’t know but I been told,
espadrilles are mighty bold,
One, two,
Sound off!
Three, Four
Cadence Count!
One, two….three, four,

I don’t know what you’ve been told
And don’t care if your toes are cold

I use your feet to walk the city
But with us they’ll look real pretty

I’ll use ’em ‘gain to walk some more
You’ll notice stares of eyes adore

You gotta walk now up that hill
You say you won’t, but know you will

Cute from the sides, the back, and front
We can’t help but be real blunt

You’ll get four inches, so stand tall
You walk that walk, but don’t you fall

I don’t know but it’s been said
Girls in Choo’s are good in bed

Every time you stamp yo’ feet,
Jimmy knows that you’re on beat

Ain’t no use in singin’ this song
‘Cuz Jimmy’s had you all along

Wear some wedges, don’t just stare
If you don’t have some, get a pair!… one, two.. or.. three, four!

Little Miss Goodie Two-Shoes

20 Feb


Have you ever met a person who is too nice, too proper, too optimistic, and a little too “perfect?” I am wearing my nude Jimmy Choo Cosmic pumps today and while sitting with some co-workers at the office, the lunchtime gossip begins about “Leanor,” the girl who they say just “bugs.” It appears that being the goody-goody, self-righteous type is not the most popular quality when making friends at work or just being generally well-liked in the company. Since my pumps are a little naïve when it comes to work environments, they asked why a “do-gooder,” with “good” in her moniker, has such a “bad” rap or a negative connotation. The only explanation I had for them was that we all have flaws, and while we strive to achieve some level of “perfection” or would like to be known as polite and well-mannered, Leonor was excessive about sharing her moral fabric with others to a fault. In this very cynical world, coming off as excessively virtuous comes with a lot of suspicion and perhaps a little envy. As I was attempting to come up with an explanation as to why Leonor may benefit from loosening up a little to be able to relate more to her peers, I hear a polite rebuttal to my statements from my shoes saying, “We actually like Leonor, she sounds a lot like us. We can be high (they are high heels) and mighty (yes, built to last)… We were basically made to perfection by our creator (Jimmy Choo, of course). We always do what is right (yes, even the left), and it does not matter what is said about her, we have to be honest…” Well, if I’m not mistaken my pumps are both Little Miss Goodie Two-Shoes!