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Craving Kaya Jam

8 Mar


Why is it so difficult to get our hands on kaya jam in the United States? I have been craving this jam, or spread, since the time I first tried it in Malaysia over five years ago and had it almost every morning with toast while I was there visiting. Kaya is a coconut jam that is made from coconut milk, eggs, and flavored by pandan leaf and sweetened with sugar. I was lucky enough to have had the authentic homemade variety while I was visiting family on my dad’s side. Ever since then, I have been searching everywhere to get another taste of it. I scoured the internet, where I can usually find anything I’m looking for and success! I found Nonya Kaya by Glory on Amazon.com; but just when I thought I’d have a few bottles that would satisfy countless breakfast cravings coming my way in the mail at any day, I was informed by the vendor that they no longer had the item available. Disappointed, I took to the internet and searched “how to make kaya jam” so I could make it at home. If finding the ready-made kaya jam wasn’t hard enough, ha! try finding a pandan leaf. Where are pandan leafs sold and how come no one knows what it is or what I am talking about when I say it’s used to make kaya? I asked my dad who went back to Malaysia a few years ago to bring some kaya jam back for me, and he forgot. I asked for just one thing, how does that happen? Just when I all about gave up, in another quest to find fortune cookies that had me running around the Asian Superstore in San Gabriel like a lost tourist, I saw this jam that had long eluded me hidden on a top shelf that practically made my heart skip a beat. We all know what happened next… Toast with kaya jam time! Oh, and Vitasoy came along for the party.