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Favoring The Style Of Isabel Marant

5 Jun

Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant2

If you had to chose one brand name to wear every day, what would it be? When that question was posed to me, I chose Isabel Marant. IM is one of my favorite labels, and since so many of the line’s clothes, shoes, and accessories are what some Isabel fans deem works of art (that can be worn), it’s safe to say that the French house of fashion’s owner and designer, Isabel Marant, has got to be one of the most favored and stylish people on the planet. IM’s designs have gained a significant following, bordering cult status, from models and actresses to bloggers and regular non-famous yet fashion-conscious people. IM creates iconic pieces that create such a buzz that those hot items end up sell out like hot potatoes, generating wait lists for things out of stock or remorse for not snapping things up before becoming sold out. Like her line, IM is synonymous with Parisian casual chic. Her collections are always talked about and lusted over, and IM continues to create things that woman want season after season. She’s always seen in her own creations; therefore, always in the coolest things: boho-chic separates with ethnic prints and embellishments, bomber jackets, trousers, over-sized tees, funky skirts, furs, and of course, the hottest shoes and sneakers on the market. IM truly inspires, she’s like the best dressed girl in the class, who doesn’t care if you wear the same things she does. Actually, she encourages it.

Shoe’s Out of My League?

26 Mar


Why we do we put each other into categories? More importantly, why do we put ourselves into them? I was wearing my Isabel Marant Blackson Boots, that I didn’t think I would ever find. Labeled by every one everywhere as “sold out,” I didn’t think I’d ever locate them in the color I wanted. Despite the difficulty and obstacles of finding a pair and after making several attempts in stores that carry the brand, I finally lucked out when I called the Isabel Marant store in New York and I was told they had one left in my size. I purchased them immediately over the phone and they were shipped to me. While I was wearing the boots when I meet up with my friend, Sadie, she commented on the how she would never make the effort to find something that isn’t readily available, let alone could she allow herself to spend over a certain amount for a pair of shoes. Despite how much she was in love with a pair of shoes, Sadie already had already concluded that they were simply out of her league. Sadie didn’t have a problem spending the effort or money on 10 pairs of shoes that she didn’t love but instead “liked a lot.” She; however, already categorized specific pairs, such as the Blacksons, as “high maintenance.” She also categorized herself as some one who could never pull them off, some one who could never afford them, and some one who even if she could afford them, couldn’t justify the expense. The Blacksons were saying that despite being seen on famous or trendy people or despite being out of some one’s price range (at the moment), being “too good for some one” is a myth that is created by that some one’s own confining thoughts of perceived limitations. The Blacksons pointed out that Sadie was essentially saying that there are pairs of shoes are solid 10s and that she’s only a 7 (and that doesn’t mean shoe size), but that 7s and 10s just don’t belong together. With that attitude, Sadie would never give herself or the Blacksons the opportunity to determine whether the pair could actually be a match made in heaven. With a little perseverance, persistence, and confidence (which can be said with most things in life), I would have to agree with the Blacksons and say leagues only exists because we create them; a shoe’s never out of our league. What league? We are all 10s!

50 shades of Green: Chapter Four

12 Mar






Chapter Four: A Green Dress

My roommate has lent me a dress for tonight and I decide on the green-colored one for this evening. I am negotiation a contract tonight to be the sexy billionaire’s submissive. “Well?” I ask my roommate? “You scrub up well… the dress really suits you and your coloring. Keep the dress, you’ll have him eating out of your hand.” She wishes me luck and I head out on my meeting with Mr. Green, with his tousled hair and a smile that leaves me speechless and molten inside. I’m wearing high heel stilettos and being from Clumsyville, I don’t want to end up on my hands and knees again (where of course that’s exactly where he wants me). He walks gracefully over to meet me. “A dress. I approve.”

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Breaking Up Is Hard to Shoe

6 Mar


Is breaking up hard to do? Maybe the time right after a break-up is the harder part. I took my Isabel Marant Rea chain sandals out for some cheering up; they were pretty bummed because they recently called things off a with a really immature piece of, I mean, pair of shoes… some Bruno Magli loafers, go figure. Things started off as a friendship, then transitioned into an off-and-on several year (way too) long relationship, that is now finally off for good. We all know how it goes trying to cheer up friends after a major break-up… we can probably recall the hours of conversation supporting the position that the right decision was made to call things off, the pep talks encouraging them to get out of bed and stop being a mope, the attempts to orchestrate some sort of distraction to snap ’em out of the funk, and the hopes that while your out and about nothing by Adele or Kelly Clarkson plays on the radio to remind them of ‘somebody’ that they used to know.

After a while of sulking around, my Rea sandals finally understood that their exes were just too young, too dumb to realize that “they should have bought us flowers and held our hands, should have gave all their hours when they had the chance. Take us to every party cause all we wanted to do is dance…” And now my shoes are dancing. And they’re dancing with me! Bruno M., sorry cookie, but the shoe has sailed. No one said breaking up is easy, but after some time, it isn’t as hard to shoe as it seems.

Style Favorite: Miranda Kerr

19 Dec

miranda kerr

Can you believe how fast models get back into shape after having children? It’s amazing. I guess, if looking beautiful is your job, than you don’t really have a choice in the matter. Whatever Miranda Kerr did after giving birth and whatever she is doing now, she is looking better than ever! She is my absolute favorite Angel, and her style is super cute, just as she is. I think everything surrounding her in her life is adorable: her baby, her Yorkie Frankie, Orlando Bloom, the list goes on. Miranda’s style is simple, classic, but she mixes in really great pieces that stand out like funky boots (those Isabel Marant Berry Boots she’s in are to die for), a great bag, or a cool hat. She can basically pull of any pair of shorts, which she is often wearing, with those long, prefect legs. Even though she stole Orlando Bloom from me (only kidding), I love her girl next door look, her fashionable street style, and could never get tired of looking at her.

Bootie Call

13 Dec

dicker bootie

Do you have a pair of go-to boots? Isabel Marant’s Dicker Bootie is a staple for many shoe lovers and fashionistas. For me, he’s the bootie that I can always call on, who will come through for me no matter what. He isn’t the hottest, most flashy pair, but at the end of the day (or night), Dicker is a frequent flier, I don’t ever get tired of him. Don’t get me wrong, Dicker is quite an attractive bootie, It actually took me a while to get a hold of him. When he was all the rage, there wasn’t an IM in the LA area and I wasn’t yet familiar with the boutiques that carried the IM line yet, so when I was at the Isabel Marant store in New York last winter, I thought I might luck out. Of course, he was not available and had a 5 page wait list. Months later, I finally got my hands on a pair. I was this close to not even wanting Dicker any longer bc I was obsessing for so long and the wait was getting old. It was such a tease to see him on some one and continued to be told it was impossible to buy a pair. I was starting to think he was just to damn cool for me.. Well, I’m glad I waited, he has not yet let me down yet. The black suede Dicker is perfect and timeless, with a low heel that can be worn with almost any outfit. Dicker is simple enough to wear at work (which I am doing today), comfortable enough to walk around in for the entire day and easy enough to slip on and off going through security at the airport while traveling. For as often as I wear these booties, you’d think Dicker wouldn’t let me wear another boot. It’s not; however, him; he’s definitely not the jealous type. 😉

Pumped Up Kicks

7 Dec

IM Bobby

Who would have thought sneakers would be one of my favorite shoes to wear (when not working out)? It’s casual Fridays at work, TGIF. I am wearing my favorite Isabel Marant Bobby Wedged Sneakers. They have the comfort of a sneaker, but give you the height of a high heel, which lengthens your legs and makes you feel like a million bucks.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get them for a steal, which I would have loved, but I did end up making a friend with a sales person at Barneys, RJ, which is almost as good and I’ll tell you why. When I first walked in to the Barneys at the Americana in Glendale, I saw that they had one pair that some one returned in black, which I tried on. I already had a pair of wedged sneakers in black, so I couldn’t justify buying another pair in the same color. I was already eying the white pair that I saw on some of my favorite celebs, but the store didn’t have this sold out color in this style. RJ, a really cool, really fashionable guy, who always dresses in layers despite the hottest of days, was able to find the last pair in the entire company in my size and sent them to my house. Immediately, we bonded. After a few more visits to the store where I purchased some good finds (yes, at discounts), RJ was able to get a feel of the brands I liked, and what he thought I might be interested in. I also informed him of my how I love taking advantage of things that go on sale. Now, RJ will not only text me pics of products of new things that the store gets in of my favorite brands so I don’t have to waste a trip, he will give me the heads up on all of the items that will go on sale, before they do, and he will hold them for me. I was able to purchase the Phillip Lim Pashli Bag in Nude (yes, last one) for $529 from $895 and used a $100 Barneys Gift Card that was from another Promo Deal that he informed me about. In addition to this bag purchase, I bought the Étoile Isabel Marant Jacquard Sweater (last on in 36) and Itzel Corduroys (sold out), both of which were also on super sale.

Besides looking super cute, IM’s Bobby introduced me to a new BFF, RJ, and that new BFF introduced me to a new favorite t-shirt brand, ATM. Go into your favorite stores, and start making friends! You are bound to save in the long run.