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Raving about Cardio Barre

26 Feb


Don’t dancers have some of the best looking bodies on the planet? Cardio Barre is a workout studio that offers classes, which integrates ballet movements, cardio, and weights. We don’t have to be dancers or have any formal dance training to participate in class, but we do have to channel our inner ballerinas. The low impact, high energy, and core-focused movements and the exercises with lots of reps and light weights to 8-counts on the beat of music that plays during class helps us sculpt long leans muscles, burn fat, and tone the body to look like a dancer’s. The class starts out with a warm-up, then to other parts: a ballet section, floor section, cardio section, barre section, weights section, then we’re on our mats or towels for abs, inner/out thighs, glutes and the class ends with a cool down. The hour class flies by since we’re constantly moving and every part of the body is worked. Fortunately, the Cardio Barre in Eagle Rock is 5 minutes away from my office and 15 minutes away from my home, making it easy to find a reason to make a class. After several years of taking exercise classes at Cardio Barre, it hasn’t gotten old or boring for me. The best part of the class; however, are the incredible instructors. My favorites are Demian, Byron, and Micki, who are all always motivating and inspire us get stronger and go beyond our comfort zones while still keeping good form. While each instructor is great, Micki’s classes are definitely the most challenging in my opinion and not to mention her body is amazing, not just it’s appearance but what it can do in terms of strength and flexibility.

Our bodies allow us to do and experience so many great things, it’s only right that we do things that keep us healthy and fit. If Cardio Barre contributes to doing that, it’s something to rave about it my book.