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Motivashoenal Speaker

26 Apr


What is it that allows us to dig deep and what pushes us accomplish goals that we set in our hearts and minds? Excuses like to make their way into pockets of our subconscious since this layer isn’t always in current focus or awareness, because why would we so desperately make an effort to say “I can’t?” That little critical voice that likes to take jabs, especially in our weakest states, constantly tries to convince us that we’re not good enough, or smart enough, or attractive enough, or that we’re not worthy of being happy, of feeling proud, or of receiving admiration.
Just as I was being sucked into a vacuum of negative sentiments, which started to lead to feelings of being overwhelmed, undeserving, and insecure, I put on my Liquid Lime Nike Free Run 3 sneakers and the direction of my thoughts made a complete 180. Right when I was lacing them up, I hear, “Where the hell have you been for the last three days? We gotta a lot of work to do! You better get on that treadmill right NOW and don’t stop until I say you can, we don’t have much time and we’ve got a lot of other things to do when you’re done running…” “Whoa! I missed you too,” I respond. While there are other shoes that can be effective cheerleaders with generic phrases like “get fired up,” “go, fight, win” or “yay, we’re number one,” sometimes what I really need is a good motivashoenal speaker who can, without the BS, tell me what’s real in order to get a job done. Throughout my run, I continue to hear words of optimism and enthusiasm, but mostly realism. “How we do anything is how we do everything, just finish what we set out to do today and we’ll feel great afterward.” About 70% of the way through, the doubt crept in and I thought maybe I can just finish the rest of the run tomorrow as I reach for the cool down button before I hear, “You better not touch that button or I’ll kick your ass with your own feet, don’t you test me!” Needless to say, I finished my run without stopping. Sometimes a healthy fear (of things like failure, or you know, getting beat up by shoes) is all it takes to achieve things great or small, not just in physical activity, but in life. Sometimes, it’s something else that motivates us, but whatever it is that moves us towards a healthy mindset and whatever it is we want to achieve or attain, as my Nikes always say, “Just do it!”

Ay Juice Mio

22 Jan


Have you watched that documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead? I haven’t either, but I have heard of it. It is a film documenting a man who lost over 100 lbs in sixty days (OMG) and cured himself of an auto-immune disease by juicing. I’m not the dieting-type, but I am a healthy conscious-type and had also heard about the many benefits of drinking fruit and vegetable juices so over a year ago, this led me to purchase my Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor, which I use all of the time. This juicer is really high powered and I feel works as well as the juicers I see used at the Whole Foods Juice Bar. The other night, I made my boyfriend and I juice with Spinach, Romaine Lettuce, Broccoli, Carrots, Red Kale, Blueberries, and an apple (fruit always mutes the strong taste of kale). If I have a really heavy breakfast or lunch, come back from a workout or Bikram yoga class too late to have dinner, or don’t have time to make something to eat for breakfast, I will make a juice as a meal replacement. Thanks to mi amiga, who comes to my office to sell fruit and vegetables every week, I always have something fresh to juice and some one, who I can practice speaking Spanish with.

Raving About Bikram Yoga

9 Jan



Have you ever felt like you were swimming, but you weren’t in water? I only really felt that way while in a Bikram yoga class, sweating so profusely that I felt as if I could drown. Initially, this didn’t sound like my cup of tea, especially when I was new to the practice. Bikram yoga is totally different from my other yoga experiences. The amount of sweat flinging around the room, the close proximity to the persons next to me in a packed room, the positions that look almost impossible to get into (or out of), and the instructor pointing out when anyone takes a water break out of turn had me wondering, is this really for me? After completing my first class; however, I felt completely renewed, which led me to keep going back for more. I took a late class tonight with my boyfriend at the Bikram yoga studio in Pasadena on Colorado. This studio is actually undergoing an expansion and face-lift, which I am excited about, but I didn’t want to wait until renovations were complete to attempt to maintain a regular practice there. With a regular practice, I am increasing circulation and flexibility, firming and strengthening muscles, reducing stress, and generally restoring body system to healthy working order. Bikram yoga, also called hot yoga, was founded by Bikram Choudhury and is a system of 26 postures (or asanas) with 2 breathing exercises, one at the beginning and one at the end of class, done in a 105 + degrees room in 90 minutes (Be prepared, my first class I thought was only an hour, and every minute after the 60th was spent staring at the clock, giving it the meanest stink eye). In those 90 minutes; however, I’m not thinking about any of the benefits I mentioned. Actually, I’m not even sure I am thinking about anything at all other than the instructions coming from the yogi telling us to stretch longer, or go deeper, or kick harder. The temperature in the room and intensity of the postures requires complete concentration and focus. My mind is known to wander and think about what’s next on the agenda, but in this class, I am forced to be in the moment and focus on myself. I am not only improving my physical strength, but also my mental strength. This class also makes me appreciative of the smallest things, which could be a gust of air from the door opening. I’m literally praising life itself when the instructor is kind enough to turn on the fan for 2 seconds. It’s a very humbling and amazing experience, one I recommend to every one. As the only way I see fit to properly end this post, I say Namaste.

Shoe Can’t Have One Without The Other

24 Dec


Throughout this hectic holiday season, are you making enough time for yourself to unwind? Today I wen’t to the Marriot Spa in Palm Dessert. I am wearing my Chanel jelly sandals. I wear them so often because they are easy to slip on and off, are comfortable, and I can shower in them. I have already gone through a few pairs through out the years and this pair is on it’s last leg. The diamonds are chipped, and I have already superglued one back on after falling off. Like these shoes have gotten a little beaten up over some time, my muscles have as well, and I needed to relieve some tension. After running on the treadmill at the fitness center, I slipped these sandals on, showered and got a much need massage.
Since most of my days consist of sitting in at my desk, running errands, and trying to stay active, it’s important to make time for myself to unwind and relax. My massage therapist, Dale, did a great job kneading out the knots in my upper back, where I hold most of my stress. I felt very relaxed afterward. With everything going on in life, sometimes, it easy to do too much of something and in turn neglect certain other things. It’s so easy to overeat or not have time to eat, easy to spend all this time getting a stable working out schedule, then fall off the schedule for so many reasons, and the list can go on forever about any aspect in life. There are so many parts of life to manage on a daily basis. I am constantly trying to find that time and most importantly, balance in my priorities. More often than not, priorities are also constantly changing. As I am looking at these sandals, they remind me, life can’t always be about one thing, whether it’s working hard, or playing hard. Shoes are a pair, you can’t really have one without the other.