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Craving Some Good Hawaiian Eats (Part 2)

29 Jan

Les get togeddah an’ talk story (chit-chat) ’bout da ono grinds (tasty food) dat brok da mout (tastes delicious)? In my last post (http://cravensavor.com/2013/01/28/), I mentioned how Hawaiians spoke Pidgin, but I forgot to mention that tourists are NOT allowed to speak Pidgin (only type 😉 yeah?) unless you want to get beat up. That is no joke, and neither is how incredible the food has been on my trip. So, I’m continuing Part 2 of my Framavings (Freakin’ Amazing Cravings) in Hawaii:

Day 4
Iyasume Musubi: For satisfying Musubi (Rice Ball wrapped in seaweed) cravings
Ordered: Egg Musubi, Salmon Rice Ball, Spicy Salmon & Roe Rice Ball, Seaweed Salad

Side Street Inn: For Delicious Family Style Hawaiian Eats
Ordered: Farmers salad (so good, had to order another), Fresh Steamed Manila Clams, Crab Legs (not pictured), Steamed White Rice topped with shredded dried seaweed

Bubbie’s Homemade Ice Cream and Desserts: For satisfying Mochi and Ice Cream Cravings
Ordered: Multiple Orgasm Ice Cream Cake: Oreo, Espresso, & Chocolate Ince Creams layered on an Oreo crust and topped with fudge and chocolate sprinkles, Mochi Ice Cream: lychee, salted caramel, azuki bean, and a Sundae with Macadamia Nut, Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream
The Ice Cream Cake was Incredible!! And although I didn’t get to try any other flavor like the Smud Pie, Knock Me Up on the Blower, More than a Mouthful, Prisoner of My Mind, Functioning Prostate, Buffy’s Aural Massage, or Come Here Little, they looked and sounded pretty appetizing.

Day 5
Royal Hawaiian Hotel Breakfast Room Service: For In-Room Breakfast Cravings
Ordered: oatmeal with dulce deleche sauce (they found a way to make oatmeal unhealthy), fruit platter, guava juice

Orange Julius: For satisfying your thirst while shopping
Ordered: Original Orange Julius

Marukame Udon
Marukame Udon: For satisfying Udon and Tempura cravings
Ordered: Ontama Udon (Udon Noodles with sauce and a soft boiled egg) and Tempura: Shrimp, Asparagus, Mushroom, Eggplant, Sweet Potato, and Pumpkin.

Craving Some Good Hawaiian Eats (Part 1)

28 Jan

Ey Brah, howzit, we go get someting to eat, yeah? In case you have never heard a local Hawaiian speak Pidgin (English-Hawaiian slang or some may argue it’s the language spoken in Hawaii, because no one really speaks the Hawaiian language), it’s awesome. On Oahu, what’s even more awesome is the food. We have been feasting like Royal Hawaiian Kings and Queens, thanks to Trip Advisor Marshall and Food Advisor Face who got the inside scoop (from friends and Yelp) on some really authentic and delicious Hawaiian places that are a must eat for any tourist or local alike. Since my cravings have been on overload, I have to share…

Day 2 Eats

Ono Seafood: For satisfying Poke cravings… Best Poke Ever!
Ordered: The Hawaiian Style Poke (made spicy over white rice), The Shoku Ahi Poke, and Seaweed Salad


Waiola Shaved Ice: For satisfying sweet cravings on a hot day… Best Shave Ice in Hawaii!
Ordered: Azuki Bowl with Mochi Ball, Sundae Shave Ice



Azure restaurant (Royal Hawaiian): For Fine Dining Eats
Ordered: The Tasting Menu – 1st course: Azure Sashimi (Hawaiian Yellow Fin Ahi, Japanese Hamachi, Avocado & Watermelon Radish Salad, Ginger Vinaigrette) 2nd course: “Ocean Cappuccino” Dungeness Crab & Black Tiger Shrimp (sooo good) – 3rd course: Kona Lobster Tail with Risotto Marinated Tomato, Saffron, and Waialua Asparagus – 4th course: substituted the Fillet of Beef for the Opa (Moonfish) with corn Dessert: Kula Strawberries & Flor Di Latte with Balsamic & Cinnamon Fadrizzle Birthday Cake Surprise: Flourless Chocolate Cake


Zippy’s: For satisfying late night cravings
Ordered: Macaroni Salad (Have to have Macaroni Salad in Hawaii)

Day 3 Eats
Boots and Kimo's Homestyle Kitchen

Boots and Kimo’s Homestyle Kitchen: For Breakfast Eats, will totally hit the craving spot!
Ordered: The Entire Kitchen! I tried: Guava Juice, Fresh Papaya, The French Toast with (the most incredible) macadamia nut sauce (which had with the next two things on this list), Hawaiian Pancakes, Banana Pancakes, Seafood Omelet (Sauteed in garlic butter with fresh mushrooms, Maui onions & crab melted Haleakala swiss cheese)


Leonard’s Bakery: For Sweet Sweet Malasadas
Malasadas are Portuguese doughnuts. Each one is pastry dough fried until the crust is golden brown, while the inside remains fluffy and light. Because the dough is made with the finest ingredients, you get a malasada with a sweet toasted flavor, both crunchy and chewy.
Ordered: a dozen. Malasadas: 3 Original, 3 Cinnamon, Malasada Puffs: 3 Custard filled, 3 Dobash (Chocolate) Filled



Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin Since 1927: For satisfying Katsu cravings
Tried: Tofu, Spice Tuna Roll, Uni (Sea Urchin), Green Salad, Top 5 Kushiage Combo (Scallops, Quail Egg and Tofu), Hearty Miso Soup, Jumbo Black Tiger Katsu over Egg over easy and Rice (with homemade Katsu sauce, spice mustard, and sesame seed grounded and mixed with Katsu sauce… yummmm), and Cabbage Salad with Tomato and Cucumber
Every one at our table ate every single morsel or food on the table, including the cabbage, which we had with the Japanese dressing.

Yogurtland: For after dinner dessert cravings
Ordered: Taro and Pistachio frozen yogurt topped with strawberries and mochi balls