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O Christmas Tree, You Got All Dressed Up For Me

6 Dec

O Christmas Tree
christmas tree

Have you heard the people use the phrase “less is more?” Well, since my tree looks like its vomiting ornaments, I pretty much didn’t have that phrase in mind when it came to decorating mine. I figure, trees only really get one opportunity to get dressed up once a year during the Holidays and when they do, they’re pretty much the center of the room’s attention, so I made sure my tree got dolled up. My motto with her was, there’s no such thing as too many lights and the more bling, the better.

My boyfriend picked out a really chubby, or shall I say, healthy tree this year, and when she came home, I was excited to get her made over. The colors that I chose were Bronze, Silver, and Gold and I made sure that the tree topper stood out. The tree looks very earthy, with bold decorations like flowers, leaves, and different shaped ornaments that varied in texture: glitter, matte, glass, etc. I also used decorations of winged creatures: cherub angels, butterflies, birds, and made sure I had a few Christmas themed and unique pieces such as the Nutcracker, Santa, and a Golden Retriever in a Santa Hat. I had to add sheer, bronze with gold trim ribbon, and tinsel sticks and diamonds all over that gave the tree have a 3D effect and made it more festive and fun. The tree actually wasn’t cut enough at the bottom, so there really isn’t any room to put anything under the tree. Presents will just have to find an area on the tree skirt, which I don’t mind. I actually made a skirt since no one ever sells any that are big enough, in my opinion. It’s actually easy to buy material from a fabric store. I purchased a few yards of shiny gold satin and tulle and the tree had a skirt better looking than the ones I saw in stores.

Decorating her really kicked off the Holiday season and got me in the spirit. I can savor the fruit of my labor every time I look at her. My tree looks like she’s really for a hot date with Santa himself, maybe he’ll leave her a new Chanel bag for Christmas 😉