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Style Valentine: Kate Bosworth

13 Feb




Kate Bosworth, will you be my Style Valentine? Kate Bosworth is insanely beautiful and has the most amazing style, it’s not hard to fall head over heels for this young celebrity icon. My Bosworth crush began while watching Blue Crush and since then, she has become one of my favorite celebrities to watch and has topped my list of Hollywood trendsetters. I always anticipate what she’ll be seen wearing next and like her beauty, KB’s style is classic. I always get inspired by her fashion choices, and although I don’t think I can ever get tired of seeing Kate Bosworth, I found myself getting a little too inspired and wanting so many of the lust worthy items and shoes she has been seen in. There are so many things that can be said about KB, but more often than not, I am left speechless. so I will let her images speak for themselves.

Favoring the Posh Style of Victoria Bekham

1 Feb


When did Victoria Bekham stop being recognized as Posh Spice and started being recognized as Posh Style Icon? Victoria Bekham, singer-turned-fashion designer has come a long way from the times as a Spice Girl to wife of the gorgeous David Bekham, mother of four adorable children, paparazzi magnet and always relevant figure in fashion. I don’t think I have ever seen VB in sweats or any type of footwear less than 5 inches tall, even when traveling or toting around baby Harper. Victoria is always consistent in her always-put-together look, usually seen with in sky high heels, a figure forming outfit, giant (usually Birkin) bag (but lately a clutch), and sunglasses that scream “I’m a super star.” Not only is she well styled, her hair and make-up is on point, she’s perfectly manicured, and her look is meticulous. She definitely inspires to make an effort at any and on every occasion. VB’s fashion line also reflects her style and vision, that appeals to and is worn by so many other of the stylish celebs I favor.

Forever Favoring The Style Of The Iconic Marilyn Monroe

24 Jan


What would you call the style of some one who is imitated (but never duplicated) and idolized for past, present and future generations to come? Timeless, and that is exactly how I would best describe the style of Marilyn Monroe, who I, along with countless amount of people, will forever favor. Her image in the white halter dress is one that will always be ingrained in my mind. Probably the most famous pin-up, MM was stylish at every moment, whether on the beach, in front of the camera, or lying on the couch. Not to mention, she looked just as sexy in that iconic gold gown as she did in slim cropped pants and and a knit sweater. The photos of Marilyn taken over 50 years ago depict her fashion sense that is just as in-style today as they were then and I bet they will still be in 50 years from now and on. I truly believe MM put the GLAM in Hollywood Glamour. In addition to her signature blond hair, bombshell body, stunning good looks, dreamy bedroom eyes, and fascinating life story (that was sadly cut way too short), Marilyn Monroe will be loved and adored (in my books, if not in history’s) as one of the best dressed women of all time.

Favoring The Style And Versatility Of Emma Stone

17 Jan


Why can some people pull of some things that others can’t? In my opinion, one main reason is that when you act the part, you look the part. Emma Stone definitely knows how to act the part, and lately, she’s been pulling off show stopping looks that I didn’t know she had in her. I recently watched Gangster Squad and ES plays the love interest of Sean Penn AND Ryan Gosling’s characters. I’ve always been a fan of ES since I first saw her in the laugh-out-loud movie Superbad. Since then, she’s made me laugh some more as Skeeter in the Help, she’s made me cry when I watched her in the Amazing Spiderman, and she has captivated me with her style on the red carpet, which she has been appearing on so often since she’s in Blockbuster hit after Blockbuster hit. Her style is so feminine on the red carpet, but so relaxed in casual settings. When it comes to fashion, just like her performances in movies, Emma nails it. She is so versatile when it comes to her roles and her attire, she can look so many parts. She can pull of red hair or go blond (love the blond), pull of nerdy, sultry, sexy… I am excited to see Emma Stone’s successes as she appears in more ads and movies, that will mean she’ll have more photos of herself and her style for me to favor.

Favoring The Style Of Jessica Alba

10 Jan

jessica alba

Who is the hottest mama in Hollywood? I know there are so many, but I would have to pick Jessica Alba. She is absolutely gorgeous, and it doesn’t look like she ever has to try. She is so naturally beautiful and even with 2 kids later, she looks just as good, if not better than ever. I really enjoy her style, which she mixes up. She can either dress girlie, classic, or trendy, but always sexy without being overly revealing. I always look forward to her new funky scarf, sunglasses or colored pants/jeans. I know people drool over her for her scantily clad spreads in men’s magazines, but in her everyday outfits, her style gets attention for the right reasons. Her comment has always stuck with me and it was along the lines of the motto “I dress for girls, not guys.” With a body like her’s, JA could probably look hot in next to nothing of course, something any guy would love, but she’s just as appealing in the very fashionable ensembles she puts together for the ladies to appreciate. 😉

Favoring Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

3 Jan


Who have I never seen yet with one bad photo? In my opinion, it’s Rosie Huntington-Whitely. She is one of the best dressed actress/models who is always photographed – in photo shoots or paparazzi shots- and I have never seen her in one of those ‘Ooops’ moments. Even while traveling, walking around with her boyfriend, Jason Statham, or at a Premiere, RH-W always looks picture perfect. I suppose it’s because she keeps it pretty simple: designer sunglasses, stylish hats, skinny jeans/pants, boots, trendy jackets, and bags to envy. All of her bags end up on my wish list.

Snow Bunny

1 Jan


Who said you can’t take style to the slopes? With all of the ski and board brands following the current trends of fashion and improving technology, function, and durability, it’s easy to look stylish on the slopes while staying comfortable. In freezing cold conditions, there’s no such thing as fashion over function without being completely miserable and hating life, but I found that it is possible to combine both. The weather on day one was about 20 degrees, I was able do without a jacket. I typically prefer vests, which cut down on bulk and allow my arms more freedom and movement. I usually end up taking my gloves off to use my phone, etc. but my hands ended up suffering. So, before boarding on day two, I purchased liners for my gloves. The Northface e-tip liners that I bought are great because I can wear them while using my iphone on the slopes. This is important while taking pictures and changing music playlists without my bare hands being subjected to the chill of the wind and snow. Day two was snowing and significantly colder than the day before and I needed to wear my 686 Smarty Jacket. This jacket has tons on features that include a detachable lining system and a compartment in the sleeve for easy and safe storage of personal items (ID, money, hotel keycard, etc). I ended up destroying my 686 gloves, which melted while I was attempting to warm my hands under a heat lamp, so after day two, I purchased a pair of cool Snow Bunny graphic mittens. They are made by Celtek, have a 9/10 warmth rating and are waterproof. I am really happy with the buy. On day three, I also had to buy a dark charcoal beanie with pink ears by Spacecraft because I left my TNA beanie in the room. It turned out that it was the warmest (and in my opinion, the best) of the three days and I could have done without a beanie, my Urban Ears headphones were sufficient to keep my ears warm. It was also really sunny on day three, which allowed me to wear sunglasses instead of goggles. While waiting in line for the Gondola on day two, I had a lot of time to check out what everyone was wearing. Against the white snow, the crowd looked really stunning. All of the bright colors expresses individual styles and also makes it easier to spot friends or companions on the mountain.

Below is a list of my gear and essentials for my three days of boarding:

Day one: Handmade Strawberry Beanie (street vendor, downtown SF), Von Zipper Feenom Goggles, Turtle Fur Fleece Neck Warmer/Scarf, Crochet Cuff Henley (Free People), Burton Snowboard Socks, Wildfox Skeleton Jumper, Fur Vest (Forever 21), Burton Snowboard Pants, 686 gloves, Nike Vapen Boots, Urban Ears Headphones

Day two: 686 Smarty Jacket, Kombucha Cuff Thermal (Free People), TNA Fur-lined Zip-up Hoodie (Aritzia), ASOS Panda Beanie, Thirty Two Snowboard Socks, Northface E-tip Liner Gloves, J Crew fleece pants, Turtle Fur Fleece Neck Warmer/Scarf, Von Zipper Feenom Goggles, Burton Snowboard pants, 686 Gloves, Nike Vapen Gloves, Iphone 5 headphones

Day Three: TNA Beanie (Aritzia)/Spacecraft Beanie, Mosley Tribes Aviator Sunglasses, Meadow Fiesta Cuff Thermal (Free People), Celtek Bitten By a Womitten Gloves, Hooded Vest (Forever 21), Smartwool snowboard socks, TNA Fur-lined Zip-up Hoodie (Aritzia), Northface E-tip Liner Gloves, Turtle Fur Fleece Neck Warmer/Scarf, Burton Snowboard Pants, Nike Vapen Boots, Urban Ears headphones

Sweet Style of Isabel Lucas

27 Dec

Isabel Lucas

Why is it that I can never get tired of looking at pics of Isabel Lucas? It’s probably because she has a great style in addition to how stunning she is. I first took notice of her when watching the movie Immortals, she definitely fit the part of Greek Goddess Athena. Most of the cast was eye candy, but IB definitely stood out and seeing more of her in movies and magazines, she instantly became one of my favorite young stars to follow. I usually see her in feminine 60’s dresses, with sandals, and a cross body bag or fedora. She looks like the ultimate modern hippie styled in vintage pieces, long skirts or dresses, and lace or unique embellishments. She always looks natural and never overdone. I can’t wait to see more of Isabel Lucas in her upcoming roles.

Style Icon: Kate Moss

12 Dec

kate moss

Can Kate Moss ever look bad? In my opinion, the answer is no. Even if whatever she wears would look horrendous on any one else, she makes what she has on work and in an unbelievably cool way. I honestly think if she wore a plastic bag, she’d probably still look great, and every one who mimicked her would probably just look like a fool in a plastic bag. I think that’s the reason why Kate Moss is one of the most famous and most enduring models of our time. She is and has, for as long as I can remember, been sought after by the fashion industry’s most well known companies and designers, who know that she can just about sell or promote anything. Kate Moss is a reminder to me that there are certain intangibles when it comes to style. What can work for some one, might not work for some one else, but what always shines through is a level of confidence and comfort with one’s self that clothes can never compensate for. Some one who rocks a $5,000 outfit might not necessarily be “more fashionable” than some one in a $50 outfit. I do believe style is such an individual preference, but I always appreciate the familiar face of Kate Moss.

Style Crush: Rachel Bilson

4 Dec

rachel bilson

Have you seen Rachel Bilson’s boyfriend? Well if you don’t know, she dates my crush. I’ve been in love with Hayden Christensen ever since he played the young Anakin Skywalker. Actually, I’m not even sure if they’re still dating and haven’t really seen much of him lately since the couple starred in Looper together. To be quite honest and now that I think about it, I probably have a bigger crush on Rachel Bilson. She is probably one of my favorite celebs, based on her style and how she comes across as. She is always so put together, yet she presents herself so effortlessly. Although I don’t know her personally, she seems very down to earth in her interviews. Her casual Cali style has put her in so many gossip and women’s mags and she has put herself on the map in the fashion and styling world. I always look forward to seeing RB’s ensembles; she never fails in outfit inspirations.