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Savoring Dinner, Drinks & Dancing Downtown

17 Mar




What do we wear to a birthday celebration of an Irish guy? Green, of course. To celebrate the big B-day of one of the nicest guys any one could ever be so special to know, Ste, we all dressed in a green theme (last weekend, so not to get confused with St. Patty’s Day). We met for dinner at Soi 7, a Modern Thai Restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. I tried the Green Papaya Salad, Fried Calamari, Grilled Shrimp Summer Roll, Shrimp and Crab Pad Thai, Green Beans stir-fried with Thai chili paste, and Green Curry Scallops with rice. For dessert I had the Banana Samosas with coconut ice cream and they were delicious! After dinner, we walked over to Bar 107 that has a sign out front that says “Heileman’s Old Style Ollie’s Sport Shop” (which is very confusing). Just as we walked in, “Walking On A Dream” by Empire of the Sun was playing and the tunes stayed consistently danceable as we two-stepped, hair-tossed, and shook our booties on the dance floor, which got super packed along with the rest of the bar as the night went on. Speaking of packed, there is a old style photo booth in the back dance area that doesn’t quite fit four, but we packed in nonetheless. We all had a great time dancing, getting drinks, and enjoying each other’s company, but like the dance floor and the photo booth, the bar got a little too crowded for comfort, so we headed to Jax and the B-day boy’s pad where we played a little game of truth or dare. As I was the only one who chose a dare, the night continued on the trend of packing in small spaces and I ended up in the dog house… literally.