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Santa’s Elfa

3 Dec


Are your clothes bursting out of your closet the way Santa’s belly is bursting out of his suit? If this sounds familiar to you, than your clothes are either strewn all over the room or they are probably trying to free themselves from the unorganized madness of what you call a closet. At the end of the day, all your clothes really want to have is a happy home when they aren’t being worn. This Christmas, it might be time to get a little organized before the new year and treat yourself to a closet system that will assist in a clutter free space. Your clothes desperately want a nice closet to live in, so be a good Santa to your clothes (and yourself) with the gift of Elfa.

A few years ago, my closet was getting out of control, so my loving boyfriend gave me a new get-ready-room. With the help from our designer, we transformed a dark, dingy, scary basement to my favorite room of the house. Used throughout all of our closets, the Elfa system works to store all wardrobe essentials in an easily accessible manner. Elfa can work in any room in the house: the garage, kitchen pantry, office, laundry room, closet, etc. Elfa basically works with a track system that allows you to customize the placement on the tracks of shelves, drawers, compartments, hanging poles and belt, tie, and shoe racks resulting in the appearance of something custom built for you. The best thing is, you can do it yourself. The container store usually has a 30% discount (usually around the holidays), which we took advantage of. Each store, including the online store, has a design station that will assist in the design of your closet or whatever it is that needs organizing; all you need are the dimensions. Some one in the store (or online) will spend as long as you need to help in the design and answer any questions. The store also saves your design and order so that if you ever need to change things around or make additions, which I just recently did, they have all of your order information so they know what you already have and what you will need. If you aren’t that experienced with a drill, you can opt to have your Elfa purchase installed or opt to hire someone to install the tracks and the rest is pretty easy.

I cannot rave enough about my Elfa closet room; best gift ever.