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Time to Get Crackin’

11 Jan


Have you ever put yourself in a food coma? I ate an entire crab at PPQ Dungeness Island in San Francisco for dinner along with shared shrimp spring roles, papaya salad and garlic noodles while eating dinner with my boyfriend and Mommy. I flew into my hometown, San Francisco, today. After hearing good news at SF City Hall during a Commission Hearing regarding a project we have worked on for several years, we were all craving crab and crab we had! I put on my bib, which says, “Time to get crackin’!” and I cracked away until there was nothing left on the plate but the congealed garlic butter in that the crab was marinating in. Although I am in a slight food coma at the moment, we had great reason to celebrate. Now, we can start cracking away at completing our project.

Craving Mei Long Village

7 Jan

Mei Long Village

Why are noodles so addicting? Well, if you have the Green Onion Noodles at Mei Long Village in San Gabriel, you’ll know exactly why. Last night, I had dinner with one of my oldest and dearest friend and food soul mate, Face, who loves good food just as much as I do and who actually introduced me to this restaurant some time ago. I was craving the green onion noodles (easy/light oil), which we shared with a snow peas and garlic dish and another veggie dish with baby bok choy, mushrooms, and tofu. Prior to having dinner, we said we weren’t that hungry, but the noodles were so good, we had to have a second order. Mei Long is known for their XLB (xiao long bao) dumplings, but I go there for the green onion noodles, they are the best! Additionally, if you check into the restaurant through Yelp, which has proved to be a great tool for restaurant reviews and ideas for Face, you can get either a free order of the dumplings or $10 off your meal (we chose the latter). If you are ever in San Gabriel area craving authentic Chinese, specifically Shanghainese food, Mei Long Village is the place to be. If you go there with great company, specifically some one else who shares the same taste palate, than dinner can also go down in the books as one to savor.

Craving Great Food… At A Basketball Game?

6 Jan


They have food other than burgers and hotdogs at a Basketball game? At the Staples Center in Los Angeles they do, and the options are a lot healthier than the usual fast food sold at the concession stands throughout the arena. My bf and I went to watch the LA Clippers vs. the Golden State Warriors at the Staples Center. The last time the Warriors were in town to play the Lakers, we enjoyed eating at the restaurant located on Suite Level A and I have been craving to go back since. The restaurant and bar is The San Manuel Club, which is open to Suite and Premier Seat Holders. There are flat screen televisions throughout the restaurant and the seats in this dining area overlook the arena and court, right above the premier section, so you’re never missing a moment of the game from your table. There is an option for the chef’s buffet (which has a great selection); however, we ordered from the a la carte menu starting with the sushi sampler, spicy tuna roll, and crab cake with veggie slaw. We also shared the spinach ravioli and a side of garlic fries, and I had the lobster Cobb Salad (no bacon or beans) with “Coachella Valley” little gem lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, asparagus, chopped egg, blue cheese, avocado, and lobster tossed with tarragon ranch dressing. The San Manuel Club is so comfortable, it was easy to lounge in this area for the entire game without ever heading to our seats. The Warriors were getting blown out by the Clippers, so we left before the game was over in the 4th quarter, but the food we enjoyed at dinner was definitely a nice consolation prize. Even though the Warriors let me down tonight, the food sure didn’t.

Craving Friday’s Station

1 Jan


What was for New Year’s Eve Dinner? We celebrated with an amazing New Year’s Eve dinner at Friday’s Station on the 18th floor of the Harrah’s Hotel and Casino, where we are staying. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by a woman who looked identical to the host at the Sage Room. Coincidentally, the two hosts are identical twin sisters. My boyfriend and I were able to get squeezed in tonight since we switched our reservation from last night. We were so pooped yesterday that we just stayed in and ordered room service, but the change worked out perfectly. There was a preset Menu tonight for the holiday and for the appetizer, I ordered the chilled Baja shrimp, scallops and lobster cocktail, which consisted of Mexican white shrimp, Calico scallops, and Baja-style lobster with avocado, cucumber, and cilantro served in a short martini glass. The second course I enjoyed was the Dungeness crab caesar salad. My entrĂ©e was the duet of sea bass and shell-fish brochette; pan-fried chilean sea bass, paired with a tiger prawn and diver scallop served with pineapple-rum Buerre Blanc brochette, rife pilaf, and asparagus. The dessert was a trio of vanilla bean ice cream, mixed berries in anglaise cream, and a chocolate marquise topped with a little animated clock with a 2013 top-hat made out of white chocolate. Like the Kitchen 19 in the Harvey’s Hotel and Casino, this restaurant is on the top floor of the Harrah’s and has a great view, with floor to ceiling windows. Our dinner ended with fire works over the lake that I viewed from my seat at the dinner table. This was definitely a great way to end our last night here in Tahoe and also a great way to start off the new year.

Craving Kitchen 19

30 Dec


What’s the first thing I think about the second day of travel? You guessed it, where to eat of course… Whenever I am on a trip, it’s one of those things that I constantly have to think about since I don’t have a refrigerator full of food or a kitchen to cook in. It is; however, nice to already know what restaurants to count on when craving great food, so we headed to Kitchen 19 on the 19th floor of Harvey’s Hotel and Casino. We started with a half dozen of the the blue point oysters (I know, we had oysters last night, but oysters never get old for me). They were actually so good that we asked for half a dozen more. We made a fast friend in the elevator to the restaurant (every one is really friendly in my experience in South Lake Tahoe), who recommended the shrimp scampi flat bread, so that came out next. Then shortly after the flat bread came the scallops, asparagus and spinach risotto, my favorite. The pan seared scallops with creamy Northern Italian rice prepared with asparagus and wild mushrooms is no joke. For my main course, I had one of the signature dishes, the dover sole, which I managed to finish despite me already feeling full after the risotto. Kitchen 19 is located on the top floor of the hotel and one wall is covered in floor to ceiling windows overlooking the lake, which is beautiful, especially at sunset or if your lucky enough, during a fireworks show over the water. If you are ever in town, this is the definitely one restaurant you can’t miss.

I Died and Went to Tamale Heaven

23 Dec


Have you ever had homemade tamales? It only takes the entire day to make, but it’s absolutely worth the time and wait. I’m here in Palm Springs, where my boyfriend and I usually spend part of the holidays with his family. Everyone participated in the preparation and joined the assembly line of making tamales con carne (beef), tamales con queso (cheese), and tamales dulces (sweet). Tamales are ojas (corn husks) filled with different ingredients: the tamales con carne are filled with masa, seasoned beef, green peppers, papas (potatoes), and olives; the tamales con queso with masa, Monterey Jack Cheese, and green peppers; and the tamales dulces with sweet masa (masa mixed with sugar and raisins) and pineapple.
They are so delicious, I must have had half a dozen of the cheese tamales and half a dozen of the sweet tamales (so far). I made sure I worked out before dinner, so I didn’t feel entirely guilty. I get to indulge in this craving once a year, so I had to take advantage of this opportunity to get my fill. Tamales are a traditional Mexican cuisine, and its not only a treat to eat, it’s so much fun to make. The amount of time and man power (actually, woman power) that it takes to prepare and cook tamales makes for a quality bonding experience, filled with Christmas carols, laughter, and 3 year old twins (boy and girl) dancing to Justin Beiber’s “Baby.” Making and eating tamales are one of my favorite times of the year, a time to crave and savor.