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Saving On A Lapis Bib Necklace

10 Apr


Isn’t it awesome when we find something somewhere for less? I have been loving bib-style necklaces and blue lapis, and for some time I have been eying the Treasure Blue Piccas Necklace on sale at Planet Blue (http://shopplanetblue.com/treasure-blue-piccas-necklace-5283). It’s a great piece, but not a great price of $95. I did; however, find a very similar, almost identical necklace for $42 on Ebay (http://www.ebay.com/itm/TRIBAL-LAPIS-OVERSIZED-BIB-FESTOON-NECKLACE-/251257945638?pt=Fashion_Jewelry&hash=item3a8023fe26). Free shipping and no tax!

How much? Come on Eileen…

21 Dec



How much would you save if you just waited to compare pricing elsewhere? It doesn’t hurt checking, and here’s the perfect example. I am in the midst of updating some furniture and when deciding on accent tables for the living room, I discovered that the perfect ones in a retail store would have cost almost 4 times more than what I actually paid had I not kept this question in mind.. The same Eileen Gray Stainless Steel Adjustable Table was $399.00 at Room & Board, not including CA sales tax and add a delivery fee ($150.00 flat delivery fee). The cost of the tables with tax and delivery would have been $1,017.83; however, I did a quick online Google search of “Eileen Gray table” and clicked on the “Shopping” tab, and sorted from lowest price to highest and I was able to purchase the table tables on Overstock.com for $195.80, which included tax and free shipping. I saved myself $822.03 for 1 minute of going online and checking for price comparisons. There was another site that sold the table for slightly less, but I have shopped at Overstock.com before for brand name items and found site to be reputable. I also prefer free or minimal shipping charges on online items because although the table might have been priced lower, at $65.00 for example, the shipping could be $30.00, which equaled more or less what I was paid. If I decided on returning the item; however, I wouldn’t get my money back on the $30 paid to ship it. There are always great deals, sales, clearance items for online stores a click away. It’s always great to find something similar for less because it’s out of budget. What’s even better is actually getting that exact same thing for way less, allowing you to have a budget for something else you may be eying.