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Craving Sushi Roku

5 Feb

Sushi Roku

sushi roku 2

Can you ever get tired of Japanese Food? In my case, not really. I feel like there is such a diversity in types of Japanese food, and a variety of restaurants that serve it, so I will almost never turn in down. Over the weekend, I went to Sushi Roku in Old Town Pasadena with by bf, his mom, his sister, his niece and nephew (twins and they are the cutest and most loveable children I know). It’s easy to get in a routine of ordering the same types of dishes I normally get all the time, so always nice to go to dinner with others who will order things you’ve never tried before or know of dishes off the menu that can be prepared if you just ask. I normally start off with edamame, but in addition to this appetizer, I tried the shishito Japanese peppers, which I will definitely order again. I ordered my usual garden salad and miso soup along and we all shared the Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll, Popcorn Shrimp Tempura, Steamed Shrimp Dim Sum, Yellow Tail Sashimi, Halibut with apricot sauce (off menu, yum!) and Lobster Tempura (not pictured, off menu). I also tried the baked crab handroll and California handroll, and although I ordered the CA handroll with soy paper, the server made up for it by giving us some vegetable tempura on the house. Is it just me or does Japanese food leave you still wanting more after your done eating? Maybe that’s why I crave it so often…

Craving Chocolate Covered Strawberries

3 Feb


Aren’t these chocolate covered strawberries with the football designs the cutest?! I was passing Godiva and saw them in the window and the cravings hit, bringing me back to those days when I would go to Pier 39 in San Francisco to get a few. The white chocolate covered strawberries are my favorite, I can’t wait to eat them. They are a perfect dessert for Super Bowl Sunday. I will be cheering for my 49ers, almost game time…

Craving Genki Crepes

13 Jan



What is the sweetest thing to eat on on your birthday? Genki Crepes! Genki Crepes is one of the first things I think about whenever I am in San Francisco. Genki Crepes & Mini Mart sell these thin crepes filled with tasty goodness, in savory and sweet flavors, the sweet crepes have the option of ice cream. I always get the sweet crepe filled with mixed fruit, Nutella, and whipped cream. It is heaven! What’s funny is the paper wrapper reads: “It’s so great! It’s so great! It’s so great!…” and that’s exactly what I say to every one when I talk about this crepe. I have a serious love affair with this crepe and eating it is one of the most amazing dessert experiences of my life. The line to get in, the amount of people that fill this Asian mini mart, and the people I have introduced this place to all lead me believe that there are a ton of others who share my sentiments about this tasty dessert. My entire day was filled with amazing people and experiences, and getting a late night dessert with my friends after watching the 49ers beat the Packers was the ‘icing on the cake’ to make it the sweetest way to end the day.

Craving Kitchen 19

30 Dec


What’s the first thing I think about the second day of travel? You guessed it, where to eat of course… Whenever I am on a trip, it’s one of those things that I constantly have to think about since I don’t have a refrigerator full of food or a kitchen to cook in. It is; however, nice to already know what restaurants to count on when craving great food, so we headed to Kitchen 19 on the 19th floor of Harvey’s Hotel and Casino. We started with a half dozen of the the blue point oysters (I know, we had oysters last night, but oysters never get old for me). They were actually so good that we asked for half a dozen more. We made a fast friend in the elevator to the restaurant (every one is really friendly in my experience in South Lake Tahoe), who recommended the shrimp scampi flat bread, so that came out next. Then shortly after the flat bread came the scallops, asparagus and spinach risotto, my favorite. The pan seared scallops with creamy Northern Italian rice prepared with asparagus and wild mushrooms is no joke. For my main course, I had one of the signature dishes, the dover sole, which I managed to finish despite me already feeling full after the risotto. Kitchen 19 is located on the top floor of the hotel and one wall is covered in floor to ceiling windows overlooking the lake, which is beautiful, especially at sunset or if your lucky enough, during a fireworks show over the water. If you are ever in town, this is the definitely one restaurant you can’t miss.