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Coachella Craves

21 Apr


What can a festival goer consume while attending Coachella? With the tens of thousands that attend this annual 3 day festival, there are a lot of mouths to feed and a lot of dancing to fuel and plenty of vendors happy to supply the food and beverages to the hoards of hungry and thirty music lovers. The first night of the festival, we ordered from the Kogi food truck. While it’s supposed to be a big “LA thing,” I only get to eat at this food truck once a year at Coachella. My brother and bf love (and order) practically everything they offer, and the constant long line means there are a lot of people who agree with them. I had the tofu tacos, which I think are the only non-meat items on the menu. The Kogi truck is located in the back of the VIP section, which is located to the left of the main stage when facing it. The VIP wristbands give us access not only to better food options, but also offers easier access to the festival grounds, bathrooms with running water, shorter lines, seating, shade, and an overall contribution to an awesome Coachella experience.


On the second night of the festival, we ordered from the Organic Flatbread stand. I had the all natural Tomato Sauce and 3 Cheese Flatbread, heated in a huge wood fired oven.


On the third night of the festival, we ordered from the Wicked Kitchen food truck. With names of dishes like Don’t Lose Youre Tempura, Totally Nood in Saigon, and Delhi-cious Chicken, with “Nom Nom Nom” written on the side of the truck, it definitely caught my attention. I ordered the I Pity The Tofu’l (Chinese Ma Po Tofu), which was Map inspired spicy chili tofu over jasmine rice, topped with a refreshing Thai basil slaw and a vegetable spring roll. This had to be my new favorite food truck at Coachella. The food was so good that it didn’t even need the (also) cleverly named sauces: Jalapeno Later, Bayou Butt Burner, and Willy Chilly Dilly Hot Sauce. My bf finished his bowl in what seemed like two seconds and when I asked my brother what he thought about his bowl that looked looked like it was licked clean he said, “I hated it.” I think a girl must have thought he was serious because she came up to my brother and asked if he wanted the garlic fries that she couldn’t finish.


Each night, I also couldn’t resist the sweets treats. I couldn’t say no to the churros and the coolhaus ice cream cookie food truck. The cookies are good just by themselves, the s’mores cookie was delish! But with ice cream, it’s even more of a treat. On the last night, we ordered a two story ice cream sandwich with chocolate chip cookies with vanilla and Nutella ice cream. While we were able to see Alex Clare, Social Distortion, Paul Oakenfold, Vampire Weekend, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Wu-Tang Clan, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers on day three, there was still a lot of time in between sets that allowed for eating and drinking.


In addition to the bottles of water that are necessary while in the smoldering heat, there are also other beverage options like a green tea smoothie from the Coffee and Smoothie Stand, kombucha from the Vegetarian Stand, and a berry fruit smoothie from the Organic Vegetarian Stand. The berry smoothie was the only thing I ordered outside of the VIP section during my search for something that I had a few years ago at a previous Coachella fest. While on this search I told my brother what I’d been wanting, which was a tempeh wrap. He didn’t know what tempeh was, so based on his knowledge of the two things I love the most, he asked “Is that food or clothing?” Ha! It hadn’t even cross my mind that food and beverage aren’t the only things food goers can consume.

Raving About The Agua Caliente

20 Apr


Where is the best place to stay during a weekend attending the Coachella music festival? The Agua Caliente Casino, Resort, and Spa has to be the best… It has all of the amenities that any one could ever ask for in a hotel and more! Thanks to my bf’s mom, the sweetest, most generous person, who reminds me so much of my own mommy, our entire weekend stay has been comped, including food and beverage. The seven of us, staying in a beautiful suite with a conjoining room and an additional room across the hall, have taken advantage of in-room dining, dinners at The Steakhouse, meals at the delis, and snacks galore from the mini bar. Each day, we have the Fitness Center available for morning workouts, the pool and cabana with outdoor television available for lounging in the early afternoon, shuttle services available for transportation to and from the festival (huge plus; driving to the festival is not convenient at all), and gaming available on the casino floor and in the poker room at any time of the day and night. After seeing the Postal Service, Moby, Franz Ferdinand, Janelle Monae, Two Door Cinema Club, New Order, and Phoenix, we think we’re tired, but the poker tables are calling… A few hours later and it’s now 5am. The comfy King size bed it calling. After a few hours of sleep, the day will start again at the rave-worthy Agua Caliente and all of these amenities will still be available to us…

Savoring the Sights and Sounds of Coachella

19 Apr




Where do an estimated 90,000 people go every April for an unforgettable music experience of a lifetime? Indio, which is the home to Coachella’s annual music festival, where for two consecutive weekends, bands play from day to night on the polo grounds in the dessert. I along with my favorite guys, my bf and my brother, went to the first day of weekend two and entered into another, yet familiar, world filled with music, art, and hoards upon hoards of people. In addition to the option of non-stop people watching entertainment, Coachella provides visual stimulation at every turn: the projector art, the giant moving snail, the Coachella Factory filled with masked men, etc. The sights are definitely something to behold; however, the artists are really what music-lovers come to see. On day one, the bands we watched were Of Monsters and Men, Passion Pit, Modesto Mouse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Stone Roses, Jurassic 5, and Blur. Day one was filled with sights and sounds to savor, and am sure days two and three will be just as amazing.