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Feeling Gilty?

17 Feb


How many flash sale sites are there on this World Wide Web? Many of us are “members” of sites like Hautelook, Rue La La, and Gilt, just to name a few. We can browse sales for specific brands, categories or styles. It’s interesting that now with the internet and technology, we no longer have to go to a store to take advantage of sales, sales now come to us via our desktops, laptops, iPads and even cell phones that we usually carry with a death grip at all times that bing or chirp of vibrate when we receive emails or notifications of something to purchase at a discount for a specified amount of time. The Gilt app on my iPhone notifies me at 9am every weekday morning of their sale and if I’m feeling “Gilty,” I’ll take a quick peek, but I have to make sure that don’t feel guilty after I hit that so easily accessible “buy” icon. Since items in our carts only remain “on hold” in our carts for 15 minutes, these sites use the tactic of preying on our emotional response to act quickly before another shopper snatches it up and if the item is that sought after, it usually does sell out fast. I try not to get suckered into this type of mentality, and will wait, often telling myself that I can be added to the “wait list” in case an items becomes available and often times, if that notice comes I would have either received a pleasant surprise or have gotten over the item and had time to think about if the item was something I really need.

One day while browsing the Gilt app, I committed to buying a pair of cream snake pumps by Casadei for $249 from $660, which is almost 2/3 off original retail for these pumps. These prices almost make me not want to ever pay full price for designer shoes. I did say almost… there may be times a pair is too irresistible to wait until a sale or a better deal. These pumps; however, were definitely something that didn’t make me feel guilty after purchasing. Do you have a favorite flash sale site?