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Craving Nicki C’s

23 Jun

nicki cs

nicki cs2

Ever go to a restaurant two days in a row? My first time was this weekend, when my bf introduced me to Nicki C’s for lunch, and then again the following day for breakfast for the second time. For lunch, we had a complimentary seasoned bread basket, the Brucshetta, a delicious Caprese Salad, and the best fish tacos I have ever had. After chatting with our server, we learned that Nicki C’s was actually known for their breakfast, so we had to try it, and it was goooood! They have fresh squeezed orange juice, which tasted incredible mixed with cranberry juice. My bf had the juevos y chorizo (eggs scrambled with chorizo, onion & cilantro, served with corn tortillas), which he ate in what seemed like a minute. I had the chiliquiles verde (eggs, tortilla strips, avocado, cilantro, cheddar cheese, and verde sauce) with a side of fruit. We shared the banana walnut pancakes with butter and maple syrup, which I had with a nice cup of black tea. Needless to say, we found a new breakfast and lunch spot, and I’m sure we’ll be back to Nicki C’s soon to try their, you guessed it, dinner!

Craves and Savors From The Original Pantry Cafe

9 Jun


Who loves breakfast? I do! And so do a set of four year old twins that already know what their cravings are in the mornings. My bf, his sister, brother in-law, the kiddies and I went to The Original Pantry Cafe in Los Angeles for breakfast and there was a line that almost wrapped around the building, it was so long. It’s safe to assume that every one waiting to eat also loves breakfast, and they all must also love The Original Pantry. While waiting to get in the door, I hear Evita say, “I want pokey eggs” (eggs sunny-side up, that you can poke and the yoke runs out) and DeAngelo say, “I want pancakes.” After the wait, we all wanted anything and everything on the menu! We finally made our decisions, and ordered. My cravings for coffee, apple juice, two eggs over easy, breakfast potatoes, and French toast overpowered the other cravings, but having an option for a combination of three items and two beverages also helped. Those potatoes are honestly the best breakfast potatoes ever! I think I know why so many people were lined up out front. The French toast with maple syrup was also savory, but nothing was savored more than the time spent with the people I shared breakfast with. What’s not to love about a delicious breakfast when we’re with people we love?

Favorite Breakfast Spot: Pie ‘N Burger

28 Apr


Shouldn’t we all have a breakfast spot, that makes a meal taste and feel home-cooked, even though we’re not at home? Pie ‘N Burger in Pasadena does just that for many locals and visitors alike. The prices are reasonable, the service is friendly, and the atmosphere is really relaxed and welcoming. Pie ‘N Burger has been around since the 60’s and when you walk in, it feels like not much has changed since then. The vintage cash register also looks like it’s been there since it’s opening, which means all of the calculations are done manually and the restaurant only accepts cash. While others rave about their famous pies and burgers, I LOVE going there for breakfast for my absolute favorite thing on the menu, the thin pancakes. They remind me of the ones my mom made for me growing up, and they are soooooo delicious, I can barely handle it. I usually start off with wheat toast and butter and a cup of fruit with cottage cheese. I like to save the bananas to eat with my short stack pancakes, spread with butter and drizzled with syrup. It can get a little busy during the weekend mornings, since there are a lot of regulars (for good reason). I doesn’t seem like any one minds the wait. For me, the pancakes end up tasting that much sweeter.

Shake It Up Baby Now

17 Apr


What do we do when we’re pressed for time, we don’t have anything in the ref, or we’re just plain lazy to whip something up to eat? Since having nothing is never an option, we can shake it up! Protein shakes are healthy meal replacements. While we all may have our favorites, Herbalife makes my favorite shake powders. Theirs are the only shake mixes that I have tried that actually taste good or that I will actually crave. I usually order mine on eBay (hence the Spanish writing on the container; it’s the same products but I try for the cheapest bid and when I’ve gathered enough eBay bucks in a certificate, I can usually get the mix for free). Consecutive weekends of being out of town makes it difficult to stock up on groceries, so juicing wasn’t an option tonight. After my workout, it was pretty late and instead of eating out (eating junk), I went to my favorite go-to: French vanilla shake mix, protein powder, soy milk, ice, and an old banana that wasn’t quite old enough not to be good for blending. Ya know, the one that looks all spotty, but after peeling it, the inside still looks ok. The vanilla shakes are always a good option because it compliments well with berries, bananas, avocados, etc, offering variety when blended with different fruits. The Herbalife powder in Cafe Latte flavor is also great, especially in the mornings since they taste like a blended iced coffee, but better (and without the caffeine). So c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon baby now (come on baby) Come and work it on out (work it on out) Well, after a workout, honey, (after a workout) You know what tastes so good? (tastes so good) You know, when you got no food now? (got no food) Maybe then you should (I know you should) Just, Shake it up baby now (Shake it up baby)…

Craving Driftwood Cafe

14 Apr


Could something taste so good that it prompts us to eat another meal despite having already eaten? If the answer is no, then try going to Driftwood Cafe in South Lake Tahoe’s Heavenly Village and maybe that answer might change. After ordering and eating a late room-serviced breakfast, my weekend roomie, Dreams, my bf, and I, met up with the rest of the gang for their first meal of the day. While three of us had already eaten, we figured we’d just join the other six on a short walk from the Harvey’s Hotel & Casino to the Driftwood Cafe for the company. After looking at the menu; however, Dreams and my bf couldn’t resist ordering more food. Still feeling full from the oatmeal, fresh fruit cocktail, and fresh banana and blueberry muffins I had for breakfast, I ordered a black tea. Every one’s food came out and since all my friends love to share, I had a bite of Jax’s waffles with strawberries on the left of me, a bite of Dreams’ veggie Quiche across from me, and a bite of my bf’s pancakes with bananas and strawberries on the right of me. I would have been happy ordering any one of those options surrounding me, but I didn’t think I had any more room to eat… I definitely thought wrong because I ended up trying Marshall’s broccoli soup with garlic bread that was passed down from the other end of the table. That had to be the best broccoli soup I’ve ever had. Suddenly, it was as if I hadn’t eaten anything all day as I immediately ordered a cup for myself. I had to let every one else try the soup who hadn’t already, it would have been a crime to keep any one from knowing how good it was. After eating, we all agreed, the Driftwood Cafe is definitely on the crave list. Next time we’re ever in town, that broccoli soup has my name written all over it.

Craving Kaya Jam

8 Mar


Why is it so difficult to get our hands on kaya jam in the United States? I have been craving this jam, or spread, since the time I first tried it in Malaysia over five years ago and had it almost every morning with toast while I was there visiting. Kaya is a coconut jam that is made from coconut milk, eggs, and flavored by pandan leaf and sweetened with sugar. I was lucky enough to have had the authentic homemade variety while I was visiting family on my dad’s side. Ever since then, I have been searching everywhere to get another taste of it. I scoured the internet, where I can usually find anything I’m looking for and success! I found Nonya Kaya by Glory on Amazon.com; but just when I thought I’d have a few bottles that would satisfy countless breakfast cravings coming my way in the mail at any day, I was informed by the vendor that they no longer had the item available. Disappointed, I took to the internet and searched “how to make kaya jam” so I could make it at home. If finding the ready-made kaya jam wasn’t hard enough, ha! try finding a pandan leaf. Where are pandan leafs sold and how come no one knows what it is or what I am talking about when I say it’s used to make kaya? I asked my dad who went back to Malaysia a few years ago to bring some kaya jam back for me, and he forgot. I asked for just one thing, how does that happen? Just when I all about gave up, in another quest to find fortune cookies that had me running around the Asian Superstore in San Gabriel like a lost tourist, I saw this jam that had long eluded me hidden on a top shelf that practically made my heart skip a beat. We all know what happened next… Toast with kaya jam time! Oh, and Vitasoy came along for the party.

Food Soul Mate Double Date At Blue Jam Cafe

5 Mar


What’s cooler than having a food soul mate? Having a food soul mate whose boyfriend is our boyfriend’s food soul mate. While driving down Melrose in Los Angeles, my bf and I saw swarms of people out on the street. We wondered what was going on and saw a restaurant and it’s name that read Blue Jam Cafe. With that many people waiting to eat there, we figured it must be great. After meeting up Face and Marshall, who both coincidentally frequent the Blu Jam Cafe, we all headed there to get some grub. What’s great about Blu Jam is that is serves breakfast all day, although they close at 5pm everyday. Not to mention, this cafe serves a variety of vegan and vegetarian options. While Face and I both ordered The combo soup and half salad, our guys both ordered the Brunch Burger, which wasn’t a coincidence since we’re Food Soul Mates! We all took advantage of the breakfast-all-day menu and shared the Blueberry Pancakes with fresh blueberries, powdered sugar, butter and syrup. I love beets, so the salad that I ordered was the Beets & Greens with arugula, fresh beets, goat cheese, black currants, candied walnuts (on the side) and a citrus vinaigrette. The soup that I ordered was the Homemade Vegan Split Pea Soup, which is probably the best split pea soup I have ever had. Although we didn’t have any blue jam while dining and Blu Jam, we did get to listen to some cool jams like The Beatles “Hey Jude” and George Harrison’s “Got My Mind Set On You.” We now know why this place is so popular, it is definitely a brunch hot spot for more than a few good reasons.

My Favorite Hotel In San Francisco: The Four Seasons

15 Jan





What’s my home away from home? Now that I live in Pasadena, when we visit my family and friends in SF, I’ve been making myself at home at the Four Seasons on Market Street in Union Square San Francisco, where I recently spent the weekend. With beautiful views of the city by the bay, friendly service, the best room service breakfast menu, and a Joseph Cozza Salon and Sports Club L.A. (gym and spa) on the 4th floor, it’s everything I could ask for in a hotel and more. An elevator must be taken to the fifth floor lobby, and upon check-in, we are greeted with a warm welcome. We almost always take advantage of the third night free promotion, which would make two nights in a suite cost less than paying for three nights in a regular room. We’ve even been lucky enough in the past to be upgraded to a larger suite at no cost, based on availability and the kindness of the person at the reception desk. In the larger suites, Blvgari soaps, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion are available to enjoy (which can also be requested as a guest, if you’re in the know). Some people (such as my boyfriend) are not fans of the light fragrance of the Blvgari products, so L’occitane is the other brand option, if you decide against packing these toiletries. We like to be comfortable where we choose to stay because we end up making a lot of use of the amenities. On the 2nd day in SF after a good night’s rest on a comfy bed, we had breakfast ordered to the room. I had the ruby red grapefruit sections and the steel cut oatmeal with bananas, berries, soy milk and brown sugar. On the last morning of our trip, I ordered the seasonal fruit plate with banana bread and the San Francisco Bay Omelet with egg whites filled with Dungeness Crab, tomato, avocado, green onions, and I requested added mushrooms. The omelet came with an assortment of bread (English muffins) and if you are ever in a hurry, there are room service options that will have food to your room or front drive in fifteen minutes, which is unheard of at some places. One of the main reasons I love staying at the FS is the exclusive Sports Club LA, which you can only use if you are a member of the sports club or a guest or resident at the hotel. It is a spacious and beautiful gym with 3 floors filled with with state of the art equipment, machines, specialized rooms for classes, a basketball court, an Olympic size salt water pool, and giant windows with views looking out at Market Street. Right after my workout and morning swim on Saturday, I was also able to get a blow dry at the Joseph Cozza Salon, where I spent a pleasant hour chatting and getting styled by Dan. The concierge is always more than helpful, recommending places to eat and making reservations. The hotel is also very accommodating when it comes to late check out. I’ve been able to push check-out time as late as 4pm, which is really convenient for late flights or last day spa treatments. Although I am having some withdrawals from our stay at the FS, I am happy to be back home, where the heart is, and that’s with my four doggies who I missed so much.

Breakfast Omelet Please

4 Jan


What’s the most important meal of the day? They say it’s breakfast, and I would have to agree. Breakfast is probably my favorite meal to make, and I woke up craving an omelet. So this morning, I made omelets for my boyfriend and I using the following ingredients: eggs, garlic, spinach, sliced cherry tomatoes, sliced Portobello mushrooms, corn (gotta have corn), and a slice of cheddar cheese. I beat the three eggs, one egg with the yoke and two with just the egg whites. I sautéed the garlic in frying pan with a little olive oil, added the eggs, and piled on the ingredients. I folded the omelet in half and put the slice of cheese on top to melt. The entire process of making breakfast for two only took about 10 minutes to make. I ate my omelet with a little salsa and I was ready to start the day. What do you like in your omelet?

Oh My Avocado Goodness

26 Dec


Have your ever had a bowl of avocado goodness? I love having cereal in the mornings, but sometimes, I crave a bowl of a sliced up avocado sprinkled with a little sugar and soy milk. And that is what avocado goodness is, and if you haven’t already, you have to try it. It’s probably a healthier alternative to most other breakfast options and nice change to the normally used avocado in typical savory dishes. If I’m on the go, I’ll blend this (with or without some ice), maybe add some protein powder depending on the day, and I have a morning avocado shake. People who saw me with this in the mornings would always ask what the green stuff was in my magic bullet cup. I learned of this recipe as a kid from my mom, who tried to find ways to make sure I finished my food, which I often didn’t. I wasn’t allowed to leave the dining table without finishing my food as a child, so I learned tricks to shovel food into my napkin. After my parents had learned of me throwing my wrapped-up-in a napkin food in the trash, I resulted in throwing it out the window into my neighbor’s backyard. I actually can’t believe my neighbor never told my parents. After cleaning up all of this random food in napkins, she probably figured these silly kids next door were trying to feed her dog. My poor neighbor’s chihuahua, Ricky, had a sensitive stomach. As you can probably tell, those days of trying to avoid having to eat are very much over. Nowadays, you can’t keep me away from food.