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Craving For Hot Fudge Cake At Bob’s Big Boy

22 Feb


Don’t significant others contribute to many of our cravings? Spending enough time with some one, we often start developing a taste for and an enjoyment of specific things that our favorite guys or gals crave. Even if we may not love something as much as the other (if at all), we can always be good sports and take one for the team, knowing that if going somewhere or doing something makes our honeys happy, we’re happy too. My boyfriend was craving to go to Bob’s Big Boy, a drive-in burger joint in Burbank, like the ones you see in the Greaser movies with a full service “Car Hop” on Saturday and Sunday nights, where All-American meals get delivered to the cars of patrons. On Friday nights, the parking becomes a classic car show. Since it’s been a little chilly-willy in SoCal lately (well, for SoCal), we opted to eat inside the 50’s style diner and waited a while to sit at the first-come-first-serve counter. Although I don’t and probably won’t ever share in my boyfriend’s craving for the Bob’s Big Boy’s Famous Original Double Deck Hamburger, we did share the Decadent Hot Fudge Cake, which he said I had to have. My bf is originally from the Los Angeles area and growing up his Mom used to take him and his sister to a Bob’s Big Boy, and he decided to take me to the oldest one in America, knowing I’d love their dessert. The Decadent Hot Fudge Cake is delicious vanilla ice cream between two layers of luscious devil’s food cake, smothered with creamy hot fudge and covered with whipped cream and a cherry. Mmmmm Mmmmm. That cake had no chance, it was over before it began.