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Bootie Call

13 Dec

dicker bootie

Do you have a pair of go-to boots? Isabel Marant’s Dicker Bootie is a staple for many shoe lovers and fashionistas. For me, he’s the bootie that I can always call on, who will come through for me no matter what. He isn’t the hottest, most flashy pair, but at the end of the day (or night), Dicker is a frequent flier, I don’t ever get tired of him. Don’t get me wrong, Dicker is quite an attractive bootie, It actually took me a while to get a hold of him. When he was all the rage, there wasn’t an IM in the LA area and I wasn’t yet familiar with the boutiques that carried the IM line yet, so when I was at the Isabel Marant store in New York last winter, I thought I might luck out. Of course, he was not available and had a 5 page wait list. Months later, I finally got my hands on a pair. I was this close to not even wanting Dicker any longer bc I was obsessing for so long and the wait was getting old. It was such a tease to see him on some one and continued to be told it was impossible to buy a pair. I was starting to think he was just to damn cool for me.. Well, I’m glad I waited, he has not yet let me down yet. The black suede Dicker is perfect and timeless, with a low heel that can be worn with almost any outfit. Dicker is simple enough to wear at work (which I am doing today), comfortable enough to walk around in for the entire day and easy enough to slip on and off going through security at the airport while traveling. For as often as I wear these booties, you’d think Dicker wouldn’t let me wear another boot. It’s not; however, him; he’s definitely not the jealous type. 😉