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Forever Favoring The Style Of The Iconic Marilyn Monroe

24 Jan


What would you call the style of some one who is imitated (but never duplicated) and idolized for past, present and future generations to come? Timeless, and that is exactly how I would best describe the style of Marilyn Monroe, who I, along with countless amount of people, will forever favor. Her image in the white halter dress is one that will always be ingrained in my mind. Probably the most famous pin-up, MM was stylish at every moment, whether on the beach, in front of the camera, or lying on the couch. Not to mention, she looked just as sexy in that iconic gold gown as she did in slim cropped pants and and a knit sweater. The photos of Marilyn taken over 50 years ago depict her fashion sense that is just as in-style today as they were then and I bet they will still be in 50 years from now and on. I truly believe MM put the GLAM in Hollywood Glamour. In addition to her signature blond hair, bombshell body, stunning good looks, dreamy bedroom eyes, and fascinating life story (that was sadly cut way too short), Marilyn Monroe will be loved and adored (in my books, if not in history’s) as one of the best dressed women of all time.