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17 May


Have we ever seen a pair of shoes that are more fanatical over a basketball team than it’s owner? Well, yes, because we’re looking at them. My Nike Eclipse Trainers are always and will forever be donned in royal blue and golden yellow, the Golden State Warrior’s team colors. They want to represent their die-hard team spirit 24-7. In the playoff game 6 against the Spurs down 3-2, the Warriors needed a win in order to play in game 7, which would in turn give them an opportunity to play in the Western Conference Championship Series. My shoes were rooting the Warriors on, thinking they may be able to make it all the way to the NBA Championship Series, and eventually to victory. The Spurs were leading the majority of the game and the Warriors were only leading briefly in the first quarter; however, as true fans, the trainers never gave up hope. I was screaming and my shoes were kicking and we were all hoping that the “splash brothers,” Curry and Thompson, would turn on their magic and make a spectacular run for it. In the fourth quarter, the Warriors were so close. At one point my shoes were yelling, “Only a three point shot away from the tying the game! Let’s GO Warriors!” Close, but no cigar. The Warriors lost the series and my shoes sulked in the corner and in the shadows. I looked on the bright side, it was an entertaining game and season and I was proud that then Warriors made it as far as they did in the playoffs. “Turn that swoosh right side up, there’s always next season,” I tried to reassure. My trainers tried to be good sports, but they just couldn’t hide their dishoeppointment.

Craving Great Food… At A Basketball Game?

6 Jan


They have food other than burgers and hotdogs at a Basketball game? At the Staples Center in Los Angeles they do, and the options are a lot healthier than the usual fast food sold at the concession stands throughout the arena. My bf and I went to watch the LA Clippers vs. the Golden State Warriors at the Staples Center. The last time the Warriors were in town to play the Lakers, we enjoyed eating at the restaurant located on Suite Level A and I have been craving to go back since. The restaurant and bar is The San Manuel Club, which is open to Suite and Premier Seat Holders. There are flat screen televisions throughout the restaurant and the seats in this dining area overlook the arena and court, right above the premier section, so you’re never missing a moment of the game from your table. There is an option for the chef’s buffet (which has a great selection); however, we ordered from the a la carte menu starting with the sushi sampler, spicy tuna roll, and crab cake with veggie slaw. We also shared the spinach ravioli and a side of garlic fries, and I had the lobster Cobb Salad (no bacon or beans) with “Coachella Valley” little gem lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, asparagus, chopped egg, blue cheese, avocado, and lobster tossed with tarragon ranch dressing. The San Manuel Club is so comfortable, it was easy to lounge in this area for the entire game without ever heading to our seats. The Warriors were getting blown out by the Clippers, so we left before the game was over in the 4th quarter, but the food we enjoyed at dinner was definitely a nice consolation prize. Even though the Warriors let me down tonight, the food sure didn’t.