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We are Family, I Got All My Sisters With Me

10 May



Aren’t girlfriends the sisters that we choose? After a fun-filled vacation with my girlfriends and our family members, I felt extremely grateful of all of the people in my life and all of the time I was able to savor with what I think of as my extended family. My girlfriends are like my sisters, and their family members, I also consider my family members as well. Although a few of my sisters were missing from the trip, I know they were there in spirit. On our, what seemed like a very short, trip together, we were able to eat, shop, and talk together. We shared rooms, stories, and experiences of a lifetime. We participated in water sports, laid out on the beach, enjoyed happy hour at sunset, walked around Boracay’s Zone One, and sang karaoke until we were falling asleep from exhaustion. No matter what the activity, the most important part of it all was the love we felt for one another and the simple joy of being together. Despite everything that we’ve been through with one another though out the years, we have always found time and ways to make each other feel important and despite the amount of time between seeing one another, we have always picked up where we left off.

O Holy Night

25 Dec


What makes your Christmas special? Christmas isn’t always celebrated by every one. There is so much emphasis and commercialism surrounding this day, with so many expectations and gimmicks. Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping for gifts, seeing all the lights and decorations make me happy, and I thoroughly enjoy all the food I get to indulge in; however, it’s so easy to forget about the things that should matter to me more than anything material in this world. I went to midnight mass at St. Andrew’s Church in Pasadena today, not only to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but to reflect on and give thanks for everything that I enjoy and that I am able to experience in my life. Whatever any one’s belief is about what Christmas is or what it means, I find that a sense of appreciation and gratitude should be savored just as much as the spirit of giving or receiving gifts. With all of the crazy events that have happened lately, like the shooting in Connecticut, which I still can’t comprehend, I have to count my blessings. There is so much to be grateful for.