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Favoring the Casual Style of Alessandra Ambrosio

12 Apr


Who doesn’t favor supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio’s style? As Coachella weekend 1 commenced, I immediately thought of AA and her casual Cali style that I absolutely adore and will be using for inspiration on what to bring with me when I pack next week for Coachella weekend 2. While she looks super sexy glam in dresses and red-carpet looks (and especially in lingerie!), AA looks just as stunning and fashionable on her off-model-duty days, while roaming the streets in casual brands like Rag & Bone, Hudson, Wildfox, J Brand, etc., usually with her adorable children and cute as a button maltese. I guess with freakish long and lean limbs and goddess features, it’s probably difficult to not look great since she practically screams model no matter what she’s in. I love how relaxed, but still hip-cool her fashion sense is. It has also been announced that she is launching her new fashion line AlĂ© by Alessandra. AA will undoubtedly continue to stand the test of time in the fashion, lifestyle, and modeling world, post babies and all. If there is even a chance she doesn’t, she will always do down in most of our books as one of our favorite Victoria Secret Angels of all time.