Guilty By Ashoeciation

11 Jun


Are there ever times when we feel like we’re guilty until proven innocent? It seems like there are so many preconceived notions that we have about some thing or some one. For example, today I was in my black and white Jeffrey Campbell Burke platform heels. I was hanging out with a group of friends, acquaintances, and associates. My shoes made the comment about some one in particular, saying, “Based on my observations, she acts like everything revolves around her. You don’t want to be associated with that woman. She is self-centered, inconsiderate, and scandalous. She will bring nothing but trouble.” Wow, those were pretty harsh words to describe some one that we barely even know. I’m more inclined to believe that every one should be given the benefit of the doubt, but my shoes come from the school of hard knocks and are inclined to believe otherwise. “I have been stepped on and kicked around too many times to fall for the same inconsiderate B-words time and time again. I’ve seen this kind of person enough to know to be careful around her.” Ok, Dad. I feel like I’m being lectured like a thirteen year old, when my parents told me not to hang out with “bad influences.” It’s highly unlikely that I’d want to be best friends with some one who is unpleasant to be around, but I still feel like making quick judgments about people leads to general and sometimes unfair stereotypes. “We all have opinions about things. That’s how we make assessments about things in order take action in life, it’s how we all function. Our opinions are good, bad, or otherwise. And in this case, my opinion about the girl isn’t good.” While my shoes look at things very black and white regarding their associations (and so happen to be black and white), there are a lot of different personalities that we have to deal with, whether we like it or not. I found; however, that there was some truth in what they were saying. Choosing the people we choose to have in our lives are like the shoes we pick out and wear. The wiser I become, the quicker I can determine when a pair is going to hurt my feet or end up breaking my ankle. There are some shoes that we’ll love to pieces and wear all the time, some that will hang out in the closet for specific occasions, and others that will get neglected or tossed out altogether. My shoes commented, “If some one didn’t knowing you, he or she would probably assume that you’re the type of person who believes that a girl could never have too many shoes.” No comment; I guess I’m already guilty by ashoeciation.

2 Responses to “Guilty By Ashoeciation”

  1. Vera June 23, 2013 at 4:04 pm #

    Those shoes are soooo incredibly chic and cool. I really like them. Plus black and white together always make a statment because of the colour contrast. Love it!

    • Sarah Frances June 24, 2013 at 6:50 pm #

      Thank you! I have been obsessed with black and white contrast lately.

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