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Craving Mamon from Goldilocks

23 May


Don’t certain desserts remind us of our childhood? Ever since coming back from the Philippines, I have been craving Mamon, a soft fluffy French sponge cake, from Goldilocks, a Filipino bakeshop. Goldilocks is a popular destination for any one craving a taste of Filipino cakes, breads and pastries. Of all of the goodies in store, if I had to pick one thing to get, it would have to be the Classic Mamon. My mom always used to bring home a giant sponge cake, when I was a child, and I have yet to outgrow this simple, yet incredibly tasty treat. Goldilocks’ Mamon tastes just like what I remembered craving as a little girl, who played with stuffed animals (I collected those then like I collect shoes now, and yes, all of my stuffed friends had names, had their own stories, and had conversations with me). Since these stuffed animals were my friends, I shared my Mamon with them and they all loved me for it. So, I must share how to order Mamon with all my friends now: