Craving Tender Greens

13 May


Is there a place that you could probably eat at every week? That place, for me, is Tender Greens in Pasadena. This cafeteria-style dine-in or take-out spot, specializes in fresh, wholesome, and locally sourced food. TG uses high quality ingredients and the food is delicious. I love the Happy Vegan (Farro wheat with cranberry & hazelnuts, quinoa with cucumber & beets, green hummus, tabbouleh, and tenders greens), but lately, I’ve been ordering the the Cobb Salad without the chicken or bacon (Romaine hearts, blue cheese, egg, avocado, tomato with a sherry vinaigrette). While all of their Big Salads are appetizing, there is also the option of customizing a salad with any of the ingredients available at the counter with any of their dressings, which are made there using California oil, vinegar from Sonoma, fresh herbs, and citrus juices. The sides are also very tasty. I usually get the couscous and a side of grilled veggies. The veggies are picked at their peak and cultivated by local farmers. Their pastries are also amazing and they’re house-made with natural sugars and seasonal fruit. I don’t feel as guilty indulging in their strawberry shortcake or carrot cupcake on occasion knowing that they only use ingredients our grandmothers would recognize (except for agave).

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