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My Favorite Person, My Mommy

12 May



Who is my favorite person in life? My dearest Mommy, who I love with my all my heart. Every one’s story starts with our mothers, and my story started with a compassionate and loving mother, who always put her children’s well-being before her own. With unconditional love and lifetime of sacrifices, she was able to instill values and a belief system that has allowed me see the best in people and always keep in mind the importance of family. She also been such a supportive force, allowing me to believe that I can achieve anything and to believe that the sky is the limit. I owe so much to my Mommy, and can’t express how appreciative I am to have her as my mother. She is my best friend, the best person I know, and she means the absolute world to me. To an incredible person and some one I owe everything to, I wish my Mommy the happiest Mother’s Day.