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Raving About Vintage Style Luggage

18 Apr


Going somewhere this Spring? With so many places experiencing beautiful warm weather this time of year, it’s not hard to want to pick a place, pack up, and go! I have always been a fan of vintage-style luggage and cases, and a few years ago, I found a perfect suitcase by Steamline Luggage ( The Correspondent Series Carry-On in white and brown has the look and elegance of yesteryear, but the modern convenience of a rolling suitcase. On one of my trips to the Cabazon Outlets, I fell in love with Gucci’s white and brown vintage luggage collection. I couldn’t stop raving about this line of gorgeous travel must-haves, so I ordered one of the carry-ons I saw in the window; I have used it on virtually every trip I’ve been on. Believe it or not, this spacious overnight bag fits under the seat on a plane. Another piece that I can’t live without while traveling is a Hartmann Tweed and Leather Train Case. Luckily I found one brand new on eBay and I use this to store all of my toiletries and cosmetics since it’s lined with a protective plastic interior and came with a handheld mirror. It also locks with a combination and, like most Hartmann pieces, is extremely well made. Having unique luggage makes it easy to spot in the sea of bags on an airport carousel, but the most important thing to have on any travel piece to make sure every one knows who owns it is a luggage tag. Lewis N Clark makes fun animal luggage tags serving as both an identification and an accessory to a bag. I have a few puppy dog luggage tags, which remind me of the real ones I have waiting for me at home when I return, so I can’t stay away for too long…