Shake It Up Baby Now

17 Apr


What do we do when we’re pressed for time, we don’t have anything in the ref, or we’re just plain lazy to whip something up to eat? Since having nothing is never an option, we can shake it up! Protein shakes are healthy meal replacements. While we all may have our favorites, Herbalife makes my favorite shake powders. Theirs are the only shake mixes that I have tried that actually taste good or that I will actually crave. I usually order mine on eBay (hence the Spanish writing on the container; it’s the same products but I try for the cheapest bid and when I’ve gathered enough eBay bucks in a certificate, I can usually get the mix for free). Consecutive weekends of being out of town makes it difficult to stock up on groceries, so juicing wasn’t an option tonight. After my workout, it was pretty late and instead of eating out (eating junk), I went to my favorite go-to: French vanilla shake mix, protein powder, soy milk, ice, and an old banana that wasn’t quite old enough not to be good for blending. Ya know, the one that looks all spotty, but after peeling it, the inside still looks ok. The vanilla shakes are always a good option because it compliments well with berries, bananas, avocados, etc, offering variety when blended with different fruits. The Herbalife powder in Cafe Latte flavor is also great, especially in the mornings since they taste like a blended iced coffee, but better (and without the caffeine). So c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon baby now (come on baby) Come and work it on out (work it on out) Well, after a workout, honey, (after a workout) You know what tastes so good? (tastes so good) You know, when you got no food now? (got no food) Maybe then you should (I know you should) Just, Shake it up baby now (Shake it up baby)…

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