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Savoring Tee Time & Tea Time

5 Apr



Where’s a great place to go for a quadruple date? The golf range, where guys can get behind their girls, show them the proper way to swing those clubs and drive those balls where they need to go… After tee time’s over, instead of concentrating on golf balls, different balls (of boba) can be enjoyed with milk tea at a local tea house.

The Alhambra Golf Practice Center is a driving range where Jax, Di, Face and I brought our guys to practice our skills in the not-so-easy-as-it-looks game of golf. We all mainly just had a little bit of fun golfing around, although it probably looked more like goofing around to the non-amateur, since we hit four tees into the grass of no return before realizing that the holes on the driving platform are there for a reason… yea, those holes are for the tees. Not to worry, the attendant gave us new ones for free, most likely because he was amused that we were that clueless. If that was amusing, he should have seen me trying to fit the base of a tee through the hole from the top, how was I to know that platform lifts? Most of the amusement came; however, during the swings and the misses, which like the balls, were plentiful. It wasn’t hard to tell that we haven’t frequented the golf center very often; nonetheless, we had a great time. After teeing off for about an hour and a half and several hundred balls later, we headed to the Factory Tea Bar in San Gabriel for teas of a different kind (the ones you drink and don’t accidentally lose from sheer ignorance). Sadly, the kitchen closed right when we walked into FTB (no brick toast), which was surprising since the place was packed. The only ordering option we had was tea and my boyfriend ordered the nom nom green tea with boba. Since I’m partial to pink boba from AU79 (and I’ve been called a boba snob for that reason), I just had a few sips of the tea my bf ordered and caught up with everyone. Every laugh and moment was savored from our double-double date of tee time and tea time. Although special moments can’t really be quantified, at the end of the night, I came up with this equation: if C = Couples, T = T-time, and F = Fun then (2C)squared + (2T)squared = F times Infinity.