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My Shoepid Mouth Has Got Me In Trouble

29 Apr


What do we do when say something that we truly mean, but it ended up sounding kinda mean, so we then sorta regretted saying it? That’s what I asked myself after a lunch date I had with “Megan,” an old co-worker and friend. We don’t get to see each other very often, but we finally set up a time to do some catching up. I wore my Dolce Vita Elka Sandals in Camel, which were the first things Megan noticed when she saw me. She said “Cute shoes!” before she even said “Hello.”

We began the conversation asking about general topics, like what we’ve both been up to lately and how work has been going. By the time the food came, we stared talking about her love life. She started telling me that she signed up on a dating site after some bad luck with dating “emotionally unavailable” guys. My shoes were briefed during the car ride to the restaurant on Megan’s spell of bad luck with a few men, all significantly older than she (significantly meaning twice her age). While the guys she dated were upfront with their individual commitment issues, that didn’t prevent her from investing her time and feelings into the eerily similar quasi-relationships that would, after a few months, eventually lead to disappointment. One after the other, each of them continued to be apprehensive about going to that “next level.” I was excited to hear when Megan told me she recently went on a date with this great guy, “Nicolas.” They hit it off, and ended up hooking up after the first date. I asked if she used protection, and while she was a little embarrassed that they didn’t, she told me the truth, immediately justifying her poor decision-making with the fact that he was a physician and told her hadn’t had a partner in over a year. “After one date, how do you know he isn’t a liar?” my shoes asked and my mouth immediately followed… Before Megan even had an opportunity to respond, it seemed like the thoughts of my shoes fed the lines that came next out of my mouth, with no filter whatsoever… I couldn’t stop myself and continued saying, “These days, we just never know who we can trust. We are so careful about our health, the food we put into our bodies, and even in public bathrooms, we put liners on the toilet seats and we even hover over the bowl just for careful measure, but when it comes to guys and love, I swear, people just lose all sensibility.” In a split second, Megan’s expression changed slightly, then she asked, “Did you just compare Nicolas to a public toilet?” Well, if some people were inanimate objects, I could think of a number of people who would fall into the public toilet category, but I could see that the conversation was starting to head to the toilet, and down the drain. My lips turned inward towards each other like I was going to say something that started with a letter “M” and I looked upwards (tell-tale signs of an oops moment) as I contemplated just how to take the comment back. My Shoepid Mouth has got me in trouble, I said too much again… I could see clearly, she was offended, she said “well anyway, just dying for a subject change.” I already knew she had a string of bad relationships and there I went talking toilet seats about a guy I hadn’t even meet yet… I really put my foot in my mouth, and this time it included the shoe… my shoepid mouth!

Raving About Petsmart Grooming

28 Apr


Don’t we dog owners love it when our little babies are clean, groomed, and as cute as a button? Whenever I take my four dogs to Petsmart for baths, teeth cleaning, nail grinding, and trims for the small dogs and brush outs with the Furminator for the big dogs, we know they’re in good hands. The great thing about having a relationship with a grooming services is we can get our doggies scheduled and accommodated the same day, our dogs are already familiar with the people who are pampering our pups, and we can trust those people to do a great job. Carrie groomed Beau and Sophie and Tony groomed Cocoa Bean and Simba, and they came home extremely happy, looking good and smelling good.

Favorite Breakfast Spot: Pie ‘N Burger

28 Apr


Shouldn’t we all have a breakfast spot, that makes a meal taste and feel home-cooked, even though we’re not at home? Pie ‘N Burger in Pasadena does just that for many locals and visitors alike. The prices are reasonable, the service is friendly, and the atmosphere is really relaxed and welcoming. Pie ‘N Burger has been around since the 60’s and when you walk in, it feels like not much has changed since then. The vintage cash register also looks like it’s been there since it’s opening, which means all of the calculations are done manually and the restaurant only accepts cash. While others rave about their famous pies and burgers, I LOVE going there for breakfast for my absolute favorite thing on the menu, the thin pancakes. They remind me of the ones my mom made for me growing up, and they are soooooo delicious, I can barely handle it. I usually start off with wheat toast and butter and a cup of fruit with cottage cheese. I like to save the bananas to eat with my short stack pancakes, spread with butter and drizzled with syrup. It can get a little busy during the weekend mornings, since there are a lot of regulars (for good reason). I doesn’t seem like any one minds the wait. For me, the pancakes end up tasting that much sweeter.

Craving Porto’s Bakery

27 Apr



What do we call a seriously packed restaurant filled with people lined up to order food, drinks, cakes, and pastries at every single moment from open to close? That restaurant would be Porto’s Bakery & Cafe, where people are lined up everywhere we turn just to place an order from this Cuban restaurant in Glendale. After waiting in two different lines, I was able to sneak my way to the “cake line,” which was much shorter than the other lines to the counters to order. I needed desserts for a small get together at our house with friends, and Porto’s is always a hit! There are so many options that it’s almost impossible to decide what to chose, everything looks so incredibly mouthwatering. With some restraint, I ordered a Strawberry Shortcake and a dozen individual sweets including the Tiramisu, Carrot Cake, Triple Chocolate Mouse, Fruit Tart, something called the Banana Mille Fuille, and the most amazing dessert of all the Josephine (Senorita). I was helped by Stanley, who actually allowed me to order the cold sweets from a different counter in addition to my cake. I asked him what the most amazing thing was that I couldn’t leave without, and he suggested the Josephine describing it as a cake with layers of crispy puff pastry lined with custard and real whipped cream, finished with powdered sugar. I am so glad I asked him, it was ridiculously good! Everyone loved the strawberry shortcake as well. Like all cakes from Porto’s, the order was completely devoured. It’s no wonder Porto’s is always full of customers.

Motivashoenal Speaker

26 Apr


What is it that allows us to dig deep and what pushes us accomplish goals that we set in our hearts and minds? Excuses like to make their way into pockets of our subconscious since this layer isn’t always in current focus or awareness, because why would we so desperately make an effort to say “I can’t?” That little critical voice that likes to take jabs, especially in our weakest states, constantly tries to convince us that we’re not good enough, or smart enough, or attractive enough, or that we’re not worthy of being happy, of feeling proud, or of receiving admiration.
Just as I was being sucked into a vacuum of negative sentiments, which started to lead to feelings of being overwhelmed, undeserving, and insecure, I put on my Liquid Lime Nike Free Run 3 sneakers and the direction of my thoughts made a complete 180. Right when I was lacing them up, I hear, “Where the hell have you been for the last three days? We gotta a lot of work to do! You better get on that treadmill right NOW and don’t stop until I say you can, we don’t have much time and we’ve got a lot of other things to do when you’re done running…” “Whoa! I missed you too,” I respond. While there are other shoes that can be effective cheerleaders with generic phrases like “get fired up,” “go, fight, win” or “yay, we’re number one,” sometimes what I really need is a good motivashoenal speaker who can, without the BS, tell me what’s real in order to get a job done. Throughout my run, I continue to hear words of optimism and enthusiasm, but mostly realism. “How we do anything is how we do everything, just finish what we set out to do today and we’ll feel great afterward.” About 70% of the way through, the doubt crept in and I thought maybe I can just finish the rest of the run tomorrow as I reach for the cool down button before I hear, “You better not touch that button or I’ll kick your ass with your own feet, don’t you test me!” Needless to say, I finished my run without stopping. Sometimes a healthy fear (of things like failure, or you know, getting beat up by shoes) is all it takes to achieve things great or small, not just in physical activity, but in life. Sometimes, it’s something else that motivates us, but whatever it is that moves us towards a healthy mindset and whatever it is we want to achieve or attain, as my Nikes always say, “Just do it!”

Favoring the Impressive Style of Diane Kruger

25 Apr





Isn’t is almost unbelievable that Diane Kruger styles herself? As as beautiful as she is stylish, DK is always dressed to impress, and we can’t help but be even more impressed by the fact that she does it on her own. With so many celebrities that work with stylists, many who are now celebrities themselves, it’s refreshing to see a star like DK, without a stylist, with great taste in clothing and an amazing individual fashion sense. DK is one of my favorite style icons to watch out for, as her choices for red carpet events are always incredible and unforgettable. Her choices off the red carpet are equally as anticipated, but I can’t help but favor her all dolled up in dresses of different lengths, shapes, textures, and colors. With all eyes and cameras on her, DK has proven that, even when taking red carpet risks, she knows exactly what she’s doing. DK inspires the notion that when we can trust ourselves, embrace our own style, and dress for ourselves, we can wear something with complete confidence, which is what style really comes down to.

Bangin’ Bangle Bracelets

24 Apr


Doesn’t every one love arm candy? Most people love them in the form of a smokin’ hot date in hand, but I prefer mine to be bangin’! and around my wrist… and lately, I’ve been raving about my animal bangle bracelets. It’s nice to have a few to mix-up and wear together or separately, depending on the mood. Kenneth Jay Lane makes a variety of animal bangles in a variety of colors like the snake, giraffe, and elephant pictured; however, there are also other vendors that sell bangles similar in style to KJL like the black and white tiger bangle that can be purchased for 80% less than the KJL retail price from the eBay store: Alilang Fashion Jewelry ( We can sport our favorite animal, start a collection, or continue to add to our zoo. Whatever our arms fancy, candy can come in all sorts, including lions and tigers and bears. Oh my!

Craving Golden Deli

23 Apr


Sometimes, doesn’t a bowl of Pho sound soooo gooood? Pho, when pronounced correctly actually sounds like “fuh” and not “fo,” is a Vietnamese dish consisting of noodles, herbs, and a variety of ingredients to chose from in a broth. I jumped at the opportunity to meet for Pho with Marshall, Face, and Jax at Golden Deli in San Gabriel, which has the best Pho that I’ve had so far in SoCal. Every time I’ve gone this restaurant, is always packed. I’ll have to say it’s got to be the great, authentic Vietnamese food and not so much the customer service that keeps the restaurant’s tables full and it’s seats warm while, regardless of the temperature outside, the air conditioner is always set to “frigid.” I guess it makes sense since it’s usually on a cold or foggy day that I crave getting pho. I ordered my usually fresh shrimp spring rolls and in addition to the peanut sauce, I requested the nuoc mam, which is a mixed fish dipping sauce that when mixed with a little bit of red chili paste and tastes great with the spring rolls. I ordered a bowl of pho with shrimp and fish balls and added a few mint leaves, bean sprouts, fresh lime juice, and peppers, and prepped my little dish with Hoisin sauce and Sriracha to add as a topping to flavor the pho. While a bowl of pho sounds soooo gooood, eating it is actually better.

Espadrille Sergeant

22 Apr


Do you have a pair of shoes that drums to their own beat? I am wearing my Jimmy Choo Phoenix Wedge Espadrilles in Nude Patent Leather. They like to be be called Espadrille Sergeant Choo of the Phoenix Wedge infantry in the Nude Patent division. While they drum to their own beat, they expect me to march to the beat of their drum. They actually make commands that are a little outrageous… But, as I’m walking, I keep in cadence and repeat them as they sing their little jody:

Left, left, left, right, left…
I don’t know but I been told,
espadrilles are mighty bold,
One, two,
Sound off!
Three, Four
Cadence Count!
One, two….three, four,

I don’t know what you’ve been told
And don’t care if your toes are cold

I use your feet to walk the city
But with us they’ll look real pretty

I’ll use ’em ‘gain to walk some more
You’ll notice stares of eyes adore

You gotta walk now up that hill
You say you won’t, but know you will

Cute from the sides, the back, and front
We can’t help but be real blunt

You’ll get four inches, so stand tall
You walk that walk, but don’t you fall

I don’t know but it’s been said
Girls in Choo’s are good in bed

Every time you stamp yo’ feet,
Jimmy knows that you’re on beat

Ain’t no use in singin’ this song
‘Cuz Jimmy’s had you all along

Wear some wedges, don’t just stare
If you don’t have some, get a pair!… one, two.. or.. three, four!

Coachella Craves

21 Apr


What can a festival goer consume while attending Coachella? With the tens of thousands that attend this annual 3 day festival, there are a lot of mouths to feed and a lot of dancing to fuel and plenty of vendors happy to supply the food and beverages to the hoards of hungry and thirty music lovers. The first night of the festival, we ordered from the Kogi food truck. While it’s supposed to be a big “LA thing,” I only get to eat at this food truck once a year at Coachella. My brother and bf love (and order) practically everything they offer, and the constant long line means there are a lot of people who agree with them. I had the tofu tacos, which I think are the only non-meat items on the menu. The Kogi truck is located in the back of the VIP section, which is located to the left of the main stage when facing it. The VIP wristbands give us access not only to better food options, but also offers easier access to the festival grounds, bathrooms with running water, shorter lines, seating, shade, and an overall contribution to an awesome Coachella experience.


On the second night of the festival, we ordered from the Organic Flatbread stand. I had the all natural Tomato Sauce and 3 Cheese Flatbread, heated in a huge wood fired oven.


On the third night of the festival, we ordered from the Wicked Kitchen food truck. With names of dishes like Don’t Lose Youre Tempura, Totally Nood in Saigon, and Delhi-cious Chicken, with “Nom Nom Nom” written on the side of the truck, it definitely caught my attention. I ordered the I Pity The Tofu’l (Chinese Ma Po Tofu), which was Map inspired spicy chili tofu over jasmine rice, topped with a refreshing Thai basil slaw and a vegetable spring roll. This had to be my new favorite food truck at Coachella. The food was so good that it didn’t even need the (also) cleverly named sauces: Jalapeno Later, Bayou Butt Burner, and Willy Chilly Dilly Hot Sauce. My bf finished his bowl in what seemed like two seconds and when I asked my brother what he thought about his bowl that looked looked like it was licked clean he said, “I hated it.” I think a girl must have thought he was serious because she came up to my brother and asked if he wanted the garlic fries that she couldn’t finish.


Each night, I also couldn’t resist the sweets treats. I couldn’t say no to the churros and the coolhaus ice cream cookie food truck. The cookies are good just by themselves, the s’mores cookie was delish! But with ice cream, it’s even more of a treat. On the last night, we ordered a two story ice cream sandwich with chocolate chip cookies with vanilla and Nutella ice cream. While we were able to see Alex Clare, Social Distortion, Paul Oakenfold, Vampire Weekend, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Wu-Tang Clan, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers on day three, there was still a lot of time in between sets that allowed for eating and drinking.


In addition to the bottles of water that are necessary while in the smoldering heat, there are also other beverage options like a green tea smoothie from the Coffee and Smoothie Stand, kombucha from the Vegetarian Stand, and a berry fruit smoothie from the Organic Vegetarian Stand. The berry smoothie was the only thing I ordered outside of the VIP section during my search for something that I had a few years ago at a previous Coachella fest. While on this search I told my brother what I’d been wanting, which was a tempeh wrap. He didn’t know what tempeh was, so based on his knowledge of the two things I love the most, he asked “Is that food or clothing?” Ha! It hadn’t even cross my mind that food and beverage aren’t the only things food goers can consume.