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Shoe’s Out of My League?

26 Mar


Why we do we put each other into categories? More importantly, why do we put ourselves into them? I was wearing my Isabel Marant Blackson Boots, that I didn’t think I would ever find. Labeled by every one everywhere as “sold out,” I didn’t think I’d ever locate them in the color I wanted. Despite the difficulty and obstacles of finding a pair and after making several attempts in stores that carry the brand, I finally lucked out when I called the Isabel Marant store in New York and I was told they had one left in my size. I purchased them immediately over the phone and they were shipped to me. While I was wearing the boots when I meet up with my friend, Sadie, she commented on the how she would never make the effort to find something that isn’t readily available, let alone could she allow herself to spend over a certain amount for a pair of shoes. Despite how much she was in love with a pair of shoes, Sadie already had already concluded that they were simply out of her league. Sadie didn’t have a problem spending the effort or money on 10 pairs of shoes that she didn’t love but instead “liked a lot.” She; however, already categorized specific pairs, such as the Blacksons, as “high maintenance.” She also categorized herself as some one who could never pull them off, some one who could never afford them, and some one who even if she could afford them, couldn’t justify the expense. The Blacksons were saying that despite being seen on famous or trendy people or despite being out of some one’s price range (at the moment), being “too good for some one” is a myth that is created by that some one’s own confining thoughts of perceived limitations. The Blacksons pointed out that Sadie was essentially saying that there are pairs of shoes are solid 10s and that she’s only a 7 (and that doesn’t mean shoe size), but that 7s and 10s just don’t belong together. With that attitude, Sadie would never give herself or the Blacksons the opportunity to determine whether the pair could actually be a match made in heaven. With a little perseverance, persistence, and confidence (which can be said with most things in life), I would have to agree with the Blacksons and say leagues only exists because we create them; a shoe’s never out of our league. What league? We are all 10s!