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Craving Crepevine

22 Mar


Have you ever had an experience with food that you will remember for years to come? There are a few of those foodgasmic experiences that come every so often, when the stars align, my my taste buds ignite, and I can’t help but say, “Oh my God!” One of those experiences was at the Crepevine years ago in San Francisco on Irving St. Like an old, but never forgotten romance, I reminisced about this French crepe love affair and suggested going to the Crepevine on Irving Street after working out with my brother. I wasn’t terribly hungry, but usually can’t resist dessert and definitely couldn’t resist an opportunity to meet up with Bananniekins, a girl whose sweet tooth rivals mine. Although a worthy adversary, Anniekins and I instead chose to join forces to murder the Sweet Crepe named the “Sunset,” filled with Strawberries, Bananas, and Nutella, drizzled with chocolate sauce and surrounded by whipped cream and ice cream. It was a good night, I slept tight, but I did let the sweet tooth bite!