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50 Shades of Green: Chapter One

9 Mar



Chapter One: A Green Jacket

I scowl at myself in the mirror, damn hair. I try to comb it into submission, but by the looks of it, the only option I have is to put it up a ponytail. I head to Green Enterprises for an interview my roommate begged me to do for her with some industrial tycoon I have never heard of. As I pull up the the fancy building with GREEN HOUSE written in steel on the glass doors, I stand self-consciously thinking I should have borrowed of my roommate’s formal blazers. Instead I wore one of my many green jackets. “May I take your jacket?” asks an impeccably dressed blond. “Oh, please,” as I struggle out of it. I enter the office, accidentally falling on my hands and knees (which is where I coincidentally spend most of this book, figuratively, of course). I look up into the piercing green eyes of a young, smart, mega-wealthy, and the most handsome man to have ever graced God’s green earth. He made me super nervous the whole interview, which was filled with clever banter and awkward flirtation. As the interview draws to a close, surprisingly, Green walks me out and asks, “Did you have a coat?” I respond, “A jacket.”

Of her many green jackets, which one would you have chosen to wear?

Green Incognito Anorak by Audrey 3.1 from, Cargo Jacket by Talulah from Aritzia, Faux Fur Trim and lined Jacket by Abercrombie & Fitch, Classic Surplus Jacket by Ecote from Urban Outfitters, Sweater Trench Coat by Mike and Chris, Corduroy zip-up jacket by Rubbish from a thrift store